How I’ll Be Weil-ing Away My Summer

I’m writing to you all poolside from our cliff-hanging hotel patio in Santorini, Greece. I know: life is rough. I’ve seen a lot of amazing places in the last week or two, and of course, eaten a lot of amazing food (despite the occasionally necessary retreat to my Larabar stash). However, my investigatory post on eating vegan in Italy and Greece will have to wait until I get home when I can upload pics and put some real time into it. So, you have that to look forward to!

For now, I’d like to share something that I can’t believe I haven’t shared yet because I’m so ridiculously excited about it. Tara at The Snowy Vegan actually reminded me to do this, as she just posted about her new job as a kennel technician that she’ll be starting June 9th. Congratulations, Tara! You’re gonna do great! :) Anyways, as my title suggests, I’ll be working for Weil Lifestyle LLC in Phoenix this summer, starting on June 8th (funnily enough, Dr. Weil’s birthday! haha). Being the health-conscious vegans that we are, probably most of you have heard of Dr. Andrew Weil, as his books Spontaneous Healing, 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, Eating Well for Optimum Health, The Healthy Kitchen, and Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Physical and Spiritual Well-Being have all graced the NY Times Bestseller list over the years. Dr. Weil is a natural health practicioner and doctor of integrative medicine (a medicinal philosophy that allows for mainstream medicinal techniques and intervention in times of need/crisis, but strongly advocates alternative medicine and lifestyle choices such as diet, excercise, and stress-reduction as preventitive measures for good health). Dr. Weil is stationed at the University of Arizona in Tucson where he founded and now directs the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, but Weil Lifestyle, where I’ll be working, is based in Phoenix, just 20 minutes from my home in Tempe!

Dr. Weil is a strong proponent of almost all the principles of good health in which I believe: he champions the daily cup–or cups!–of green tea, the use of medicinal herbs, and a diet centered around seasonal/organic produce and whole grains, and he warns of the empty nutrition of refined sugars and flours and the dangers of entities such as high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, and diets high in animal proteins. My only disagreement with Dr. Weil is that he’s a pescatarian (big on wild salmon…) and occasionally eats dairy, but given all the good he’s doing in the world through the principles of his general health philosophy, I’ll let that slide for now.

Anyways, I know this is maybe TMI, but I figured that this is something most of you would be interested in, so I’ve allowed myself the overshare! But, to get to the point, I’ll be interning as the Editorial Assistant/Online Content Manager for Weil Lifestyle, and besides general editorial duties, I’ll be helping to increase and improve Dr. Weil’s presence on social networking platforms like facebook and twitter (all that procrastinating is finally paying off!). I’m really excited because it’s the first full-time job I’ve ever had, and the fact that I’ll be working in an area that I’m truly passionate about makes it that much better! Sure beats making dairy smoothie after dairy smoothie at minimum wage (my occupation last summer…)!

If any of you are interested, Dr. Weil also has a blog with daily health tips! I have it in my blogroll…check it out!


6 responses to “How I’ll Be Weil-ing Away My Summer

  1. Wow, your job sounds absolutely wonderful! Congratulations!!! Dr. Weil seems like an amazing guy it is also great to get to do work that you believe in. I’m so happy for you!Now get back to your vacation!

  2. Congrats, that sounds like a perfect job. I never expected, when I signed up for facebook in 2004, that there would be jobs that include facebooking as a responsibility… but cool!

  3. Damn, Greece? I'm jealous!!! As for the Ani guac, you'd asked if its worth trying…honestly, I'd just stick to plain ole guac if I were you. It was okay, but I like it better without rosemary.

  4. yea yea yea! you go girl! so excited to hear how your new job goes!ps, i have news for you! i now work as a hostess at it's a mostly vegan restaurant, with food for the five senses! check it out!call me! i miss you!

  5. Your job seems pretty cool, but the alternative medicine that Weil peddles cannot outperform placebos by a statistically significant amount. This is why he can't substantiate his claims in peer-reviewed journals. But placebos (i.e., the power of belief) have powerful effects, and the best placebos are things that people BELIEVE will help them…it raises some interesting ethical questions as you might imagine.

  6. Congrats on your job! You're so lucky you were on vacation in GREECE!! I'm SOOO jealous. I'm out of town too…. but in a small town in the mid east doing WORK. Oh well, at least I'm getting paid. :(-A

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