Cornbread Mole Waffles

And now, I give you my first venture into the wonderful world of Vegan Brunch (yes, I know I’m a week or two behind…)

First, my assistant–my dad–and I made a batch of homemade Vegan with a Vengeance Seitan. I followed the recipe exactly except for adding a few pinches of various spices–cumin, thyme, paprika, and chili and onion powder.

I’ve made homemade seitan before, but never this one (and the one I’ve made was baked, not boiled). It came out beautifully. Once you make your own seitan, you’ll never buy a packaged one ever again. Kind of like homemade granola (Okay, so maybe sometimes I still buy Nature’s Path Peanut Butter Granola…but very rarely! Shut up!)

As good as the seitan was on its own, it really shined in the big picture–the Cornbread Waffles with Pantry Mole Rojo and Seitan. Golden, crispy cornmeal waffles topped with browned and chewy seitan and peppers, drenched in a rich, spicy, chocolatey sauce, and adorned with cool cilantro and avocado, this recipe was el cielo en un plato.

The mole sauce was truly amazing. It contained such an exotic combination of ingredients, like cinnamon, peanut butter, raisins, crushed tortilla chips (I used plantain chips), almonds, and of course, chocolate chips. I followed the recipe for the waffles exactly except I used white whole wheat flour (because we all know white flour is el diablo), and I subbed half the oil with pureed sweet potatoes (!) because we were out of applesauce.

As you can see, this dish presents very well, so it’d be ideal for having guests over and, you know, impressing them. But, if you’re like me, and like to make a fancy well-plated meal just for the hell of it when it’s just you and your pops, then DO IT!

I’ll be back with another Vegan Brunch meal mañana!


5 responses to “Cornbread Mole Waffles

  1. Yum yum yum! The first recipe I tried from Vegan Brunch was the cornbread waffles too. I didn't make the the seitan and mole though, I made berry sauce instead. They were so freakin good!Your pic looks great.

  2. I can never get my seitan to turn out right!

  3. I haven't yet made the VwaV seitan, but I think she just simplified it for the "Simple Seitan" she ever so graciously gave us in Veganomicon. I love it. The first time I made seitan I used the Vegan Yum Yum recipe and it came out ok, but I wasn't a fan. I think by following Isa's way of using plenty of broth/liquid it comes out much better. and it's easier to control the water temperature. I love seitan now and I usually cut it up into short strips like yours (but shorter), dry fry them until the extra moisture has left, crisp them up w/ olive oil and onions and then concoct a garlicky bbq sauce for it. SO. GOOD.Love them blog. Boy, I sure rambled on there, didn't I? One of these days I'm gong to have to take a trip down to AZ because there are a few PPK'rs there I would love to eat with. (I'm in Vegas.)

  4. Yum! Your waffles look excellent–I'm still a waffle novice and mine don't get crispy. And I love your smoothie, I never thought of putting carob in mine!

  5. Wow, savory waffles, how creative! I love mole sauce, but it's hard to find vegan ways to eat it. Thanks for the inspiration!

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