Coffee Chip Muffins

From Vegan Brunch of course! I brought these charming little guys into work yesterday! They were a big hit. Thanks, Isa. :)

Didn’t make many changes. Just used unrefined sugar and white whole wheat flour (by the way, I think I like whole wheat pastry flour better. I think WWWF makes baked goods a lot denser than WWPF. Anyone else have that experience? I’m just trying to use up the bag of WWWF at this point). I think next time I’d add more (maybe even double) the amount of instant coffee crystals–you could barely taste them, and they’re Coffee Chip Muffins! Still, delicious. Even better with a big gob of peanut butter and eaten with–you guessed it–a nice cup ‘o Joe (Roasted Pecan, to be exact!)

We’re having my family birthday dinner tonight (2+ weeks late, haha), so dessert will be decadent! You’ll see tomorrow!


8 responses to “Coffee Chip Muffins

  1. So glad I found your blog! My daughter is about your age and we both love Jane Austen and most, possibly all, of the other books on your list! I'll tell her about your blog and she'll probably tell you about hers!BTW, those muffins look GOOD! I have Vegan Brunch, too, and plan on working my way through it…

  2. It's me again… I've just been reading over some of your older posts and loving them. You were at Doune Castle? That's four miles from here! If you're ever there again you have to come and visit!

  3. These just turned out perfectly! I cannot wait to receive my copy of Vegan Brunch!

  4. Nicole (

    Mmmm, I'm definitely making these soon! I said it on flickr, but these photos are amazing!!

  5. Sophia.Pflieger

    Those muffins look awesome, I love coffer flavored things , especially with chocolate.Chocolate it muffins are so good.

  6. textual bulldog

    Those muffins look amaaaaaazing! And I love your blog! Former English major, forever vegan here, too ;) The Jane Austen references made my day. Well done!

  7. Ooh, I wanna try those! I only use whole wheat pastry flour in everything, so I can't compare to regular whole wheat flour…but I've already read/heard that wwpf is lighter and closer in texture to white flour…but I still end up with denser baked goods than with white flour.

  8. I can't wait to see your decadent dessert!Yes, the WW pastry flour does make for lighter baked treats. I bake with oats so much that I've gotten to where I like a dense and hearty muffin. Your VB muffins look perfect!

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