Seitan Fit for a King!

For King Janaka, that is.

Don’t worry, that isn’t some common reference you should know. In fact, I don’t even know who he is and I’d think you were totally bizarre if you did!

I’m referring to the recipe for King Janaka’s Maple Glazed Seitan in my Vegan World Fusion Cuisine cookbook. I know the name is super hokey, but that’s just how this book rolls–seriously, some of my favorite recipe names in the book include “Avalon’s Magic Mushroom Gravy,” “Benevolent Buckwheat Pancakes,” “Kind and Gentle Holiday Loaf” (because don’t we all hate the mean and rough loaves?), and “Mysterium Tremendum Mint Cookies.” It might annoy some people, but I love it. I mean, any cookbook that allows me, in response to my family’s “What’s for dinner?” to say, “Oh, you know, Socrates Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms with a side of Jai to the Most High Sunflower Dip” is alright with me.

But anyways, onto King Janaka’s namesake! I used my leftover Vegan with a Vengeance seitan…

Man, this was good. The seitan is sauteed with sweet red bell peppers and lightly caramelized onions and coated in a maple-gingery sauce, accented perfectly by rosemary and dill (I know, it sounds like it wouldn’t work, but it does. Oh, it does). I served mine atop a salad because I’m weird and too lazy to make rice sometimes.

This was my first recipe from Vegan World Fusion, but I’ll definitely be using this book a lot more in the future after this unequivocal of a success!

Here’s another dinner I had recently: leftover Lentil Fetoosh Salad from one of my–and my family’s–favorite restaurants, Pita Jungle:

The salad consists of lentils and rice cooked with caramelized onions, over mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, and lemon vinaigrette. I can’t describe it, but it’s the PERFECT flavor combination. I literally love this salad so much that I get it almost every single time we go there, even though the rest of the menu looks great. It’s supposed to come with pita chips, but they make their pita chips with special Greek pita (which has dairy), so I always get mine without them obviously.

Funny story though…I ordered mine without the pita crumbs (the exact wording used on the menu) and when our waiter brings the salad, there are four huge pita chips wedged into my lentils and rice. I began to take them out, and here’s how the conversation went:
“Oh, I wanted it without these.”
“Those are pita chips. You said you didn’t want pita crumbs.”
“Well, they’re made with Greek pita, aren’t they? Which has dairy.”
“So they’re not vegan.”
“No, they have dairy.”
“I know.”

Awkward pause…

“Well, I’m vegan.” (because he didn’t seem to make the connection on his own from the rest of the convo?!)

Yeah, he never even uttered the obligatory “sorry.” Rude if you ask me.

Moving on (sorry for this horrid transition), PPK Chocolate Chip Cookies! For once, I followed a recipe.


8 responses to “Seitan Fit for a King!

  1. I love when books have funny titles!! I think you just kind of made me want that book, haha. Sounds like the waiter was incredibly rude. For all he knew you could have had a gluten allergy or something. Regardless, if you asked for no bread there should have been no bread. At least it was easier to remove the chips than the crumbs, right? This is like…the third time I've seen these cookies this week…they look sooo perfect!!

  2. The names of those recipes are odd. I guess it doesn't matter though as long as they taste good! The sauce you made for the seitan sounds really good! I'd like to try that. I've had restaurant incidents like the pita one too. Sometimes the waiters/waitresses just don't get it!

  3. That seitan recipe sounds delish! You're doing a lot of exciting cooking lately!

  4. That Seitan sounds amazing! I still haven't tried seitan, although I'm not sure why…By the way, your pictures turn out really good! My camera is awful in my dim apartment light…

  5. What a rude waiter! You wonder how some people get their jobs. When he was interviewed, did he say he had good 'people skills'? I bet he did…Rant over… The seitan looks great!

  6. Jen aka Jewbacca

    i'm more partial to vegan-a-go-go's chochippers. that seitan looks really awesome. i think i'll make a batch this weekend.

  7. I just came across your blog and read your vegan conversation…I hate these type of conversations, you would think that those, especially in the food industry would have some knowledge of what a vegan doesnt eat. But yes, people sure can be rude when we want something different! Hopefully one day things will change :)Rose


    Uch what a rude waiter, I hate that he didn't even apologise – what an ass!I love the PPK choc chip cookies, just looking at your picture of them makes me want to make some for breakfast!

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