Happy Father’s Day!

This post is dedicated to my pops. He may seem like a nerdy geography professor at first glance–and he is–but he’s actually more like Indiana Jones. Or at least that’s the running joke in our family since my dad’s such a fun, outdoorsy guy and, c’mon, what grown man doesn’t like being compared to good ‘ol Indie? ;)

To celebrate this momentous day, my family (and my best friend’s dad) went on a hike near Sedona to a little swimming hole. We had a great time, and there is really no better way to recognize Father’s Day for my dad than to do a little trailblazin’. If you didn’t believe my claim that he’s a veritable adventurer, here’s some proof:

My dad’s mantra is “All things in moderation”–believe me, he makes sure to mention it every day–so I’ll keep the sappiness in check, but I definitely have to say, I love you, dad! You’re my favorite person to kick back with, whether we’re doing crossword puzzles or cooking together, and you’re pretty much the only one in the family who listens to my vegan rants! (I appreciate it!) I know we often compare you to Jeff Probst, Bob Saget, and the dad in Calvin & Hobbes, but don’t worry–your Indiana resemblance trumps them all!


4 responses to “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Haha! That's my dad's mantra too!

  2. you didnt mention steve carell! haha

  3. Sophia.Pflieger

    That water is so clear and beautiful!

  4. Aw, Happy Belated Father's Day, Nora's Dad! And be careful diving! That water looks really shallow!

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