Europe Part I: Italian Eats

Freaking finally, right? It only took me a month.

First night in Rome. Pizza Marinara with extra vegetables. Nice and simple, so the tomato and oregano can really shine.

The Beehive. Organic Vegetarian B&B and restaurant in Rome.

No fixed portion sizes or prices. The restaurant looked like a normal house. You just sit down in the kitchen, tell the chef exactly what you want, and he makes it fresh right in front of you.

A delicious mixed salad. Simple, but a welcome relief to the not so vegan-friendly Roman carb fest.

The meze platter my mom and I split, including vegan burger patties and special hummus.

A nice cafe in Montepulciano, a medieval hill town in Tuscany, This was the raw zucchini salad.

The best spinach ever. Just dressed with REAL olive oil and the biggest-ass pine nuts ever.

Lampone-Rosmarino (Raspberry-Rosemary) Gelato from the Pluripremiata Gelatería–Gelato World Champions, 2006-07 and 2008-09–in San Gimgiano.

Potato-Rosemary Focaccia in Cinque Terre.

I know this is an absolutely horrible photo, but it’s RICE MILK GELATO in Lago Orta, Italy! I almost had a seizure when the guy told me it was vegan. So much better than fruit/sorbet gelato.

Stay tuned for Part II: Greece soon!


11 responses to “Europe Part I: Italian Eats


    Oh wow, I cannot wait to go back to Rome one day. It's such a bgeautiful city and that gelato looks pretty amazing too!

  2. it'll be a long-assed time before we ever get to italy-(my husband's family is from there) but when we get around to it, i take HUGE comfort in being able to find tasty vegan eats! i thought it'd be impossible there since there's meat and dairy in everything.

  3. ahhh! im so jealous!

  4. Gasp! It looks like you were in vegan foodie heaven over there! I went to Italy almost a decade ago, before I was vegan, and I'm so bummed I missed out on all of this. Clearly, I must go back asap.

  5. Nora, that food looks wonderful! DH and I have just been salivating over the photos (try not to picture that!)

  6. Cooking With Dia

    I love the rice milk gelato, and I so miss Rome! You are so lucky!!!

  7. Oh man, rice milk gelato?? That is so awesome!!! Great looking food :)

  8. Melisser; the Urban Housewife

    Oh man, everything looks SO good! Ryan really wants to go to Rome.

  9. Wow, such beautiful food.

  10. I think a no boundaries restaurant would overwhelm me… is that salad your order? Rice milk gelato sounds yummy, better than soy if I do say so myself.

  11. wow, this is my type of food! yummo :)Rose

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