Europe Part II: Greece Grub!

First day in Athens! At Diavlos. See, you really can find vegan food wherever you go.

On a serious note, I have to say how happy I was to find some whole grains after all the white bread and pasta in Italy. However, I’m also dying to make fun of this menu! “Vegetarian Propositions?” HAHAHA. Like, “we propose that you order this?…” Also, “Non alterated soya.” Just really funny.

Soya Kembap, with tomato-mushroom sauce & brown rice. The sauce was deliciously spiked with cinnamon!

Healthy Food Vegetarian Fast Food in Athens–not the best name, but their food was ridiculously yummy, and we went there for my 21st birthday dinner, so I’ll give them a break. ;)

Lemony-Dill Brown Rice. I loved this!

Another delicious rice dish.

Beans! No description necessary, except, what a pretty color!

They’re big on soya chunks in Athens, I guess! These were better than the ones at Diavlos though.

And perhaps the best part: Vegan Carrot-Sesame-Raisin Cake. This was perfect–just hippy enough and not too sweet, but good enough for dessert. We bought a couple of these to go too!

But if you thought the restaurant’s food looked amazing, they have the most amazing vegan-friendly health food store EVER! Imagine every single wall of a store looking just like this one. Full of goodies such as kamut breadsticks, vegan halva sweetened with grape juice and raisins, chocolate quinoa muesli, and oh so much more. I may or may not have boughten a small village’s worth of carob products: Carob Syrup Waffles, Carob Tahini, and Carob Hazlenut Spread!

These are powdered non-dairy milks for traveling. If they weren’t all like 17 euro, I would have bought one. Just look at the variety–almond, soy, hazlenut, chestnut, quinoa, walnut, sesame…

Beautiful Raspberry Salad from 1800 in Santorini (It looks like a flower!) This slow food restaurant is legendary on the island, and it’s easy to see why. They were really great about my being vegan.

Pesto Pasta with Roasted Nuts at 1800. They even checked that the pasta was egg-free for me! Also, this dish has inspired me to top pasta with mixed roasted nuts more often!

Yes, if you ever go to Greece you will indeed find yourself faced with many a cucumber-tomato salad, which admittedly, can get a little dull. But if you’re lucky enough to find one with some extra pizazz, like this cucumber-tomato salad laced with fresh mint, you really have no right to complain. I’d like to make this at home. It’s summer on a plate.

Here’s an automatically-vegan-no-matter-where-you-order-it dish Greece is famous for: fava beans! Pureed into a dip and topped with caramelized onions! It tastes kind of like lentils…

Just a fruit and tropical muesli bowl topped with almond milk, nothing special. The special part is the view in the background–what we saw from the patio of our Santorini hotel room!

Finally, this is a meal that I made with fresh ingredients in the kitchen of our hotel room in Santorini. Homemade pasta we bought in Tuscany with tomatoes, spinach, garlic, bell peppers, gigantes (beans), and fresh herbs! My family loved it, but I thought I could have done better. Still…it was pretty and, more importantly, cheap! :)

If you’re still unconvinced that vegans can eat just as freaking well as omnis abroad, then go play in traffic.

I’m just kidding, but seriously.


16 responses to “Europe Part II: Greece Grub!

  1. mm yum it all looks great, so cool that you can get all that vegan food in greece – who knew?? In cyprus last year I was mostly stuck with vegetable platters, but they were pretty tasty so no complaints!I think I'm going to greece next year so can't wait now to see what they offer!

  2. Nicole (

    This makes me want to travel even more and more!

  3. what great food porn! again, thanks for taking us on a tour of vegan europe. makes me feel safe to know that i can find options if i'm ever lucky enough to go overseas.

  4. Okay, now I wanna go to Greece! All that food looks amazing….especially the soya dishes. I laughed when I saw "vegan propositions" too!

  5. Umm…I'm still thinking about the carob hazelnut spread…that sounds amazing!!! My sister in law just got back from Greece (she's not vegan though, so its not really relevant, haha).

  6. I would love to be able to buy those dairy free milk powders!

  7. Melisser; the Urban Housewife

    Whoa, awesome! I wanna go!

  8. Hi! I was just snooping your blog and got super excited about your European trip. I lived in Italy for 2 years and seeing that pizza totally transported me back!! Although I'm not totally vegan I prefer pizza with no cheese. My regular was "pizza senza formaggio con molto pomodoro!!" That was my horrible broken Italian…. yeah 2 years. OK, now I'm embarrassed. Anyway, thanks for sharing your awesome pictures! -A

  9. It looks like you ate really well in Greece. I thought it would be hard to get away from feta. Happy birthday! I hope you proposed a slice of cake?

  10. Oh wow, good food overload!! And here I heard Greece was a horrible place to go if you're a vegan – clearly not the case!

  11. So much yummy Greek goodness! I for one have always been able to find a vegan meal everywhere I've been here in Europe. Some places are easier than others, but with patients, foresight and a smile you can be well fed!

  12. Ruby Red Vegan

    Greece's veg selections are fascinating – especially at the health food store! Chocolate quinoa muesli?! Omg! And I love hippie food, especially baked goods, so the carrot-sesame-raisin cake looks so yum. Wow, "propositions"? Maybe they are proposing to the menu readers, as in, "I have a proposition… Maybe our veggie food would be pleasing to you, if you would agree to eat it?" That's immediately what I thought, as if they are trying to be good enough for us vegetarians. Hahaha. But now it doesn't surprise me that the only guy I know from Greece is basically a vegetarian. They have good stuff over there! (And he gave me his phone number…but he's like 10 years older than me so I never called and kinda hid from him after that!)

  13. So many yummy dishes! I like the look of your lemon dill rice. Im a big fan of dill :)Rose

  14. Wow, such amazing foods! I thought everything would be covered in feta. You really found a great place to celebrate your birthday – Happy 21st!

  15. dreaminitvegan

    I caught the "Non alterated soya", made me laught too. The health food store looks like a vegan dream come true! Why can't ours have all of that stuff. All of your meals look delicious. It's good to know Greece is vegan friendly. How was it in Italy? I've only been there when I was a vegetarian.

  16. ah, you're so lucky to have found all that vegan greek food! I live near so many greek restaurants which are all decidedly UNvegan and I miss that lemony herby riceyness of it all. Rather makes me want to hit the islands, now that I know that's there! :)

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