Autumn Tempeh Salad in July

I know, I know. But it was calling my name. And we had a winter squash from our CSA, so it’s not as if you can reprimand me for the lack of seasonality or increase in food miles… ;)

The Autumn (or Winter) Tempeh Salad is from The Vegan Table, and as the first legit non-dessert recipe I’ve made from it, I have to say I’m impressed! Roasted squash tossed with tempeh cubes, dried fruit (I used cherries instead of raisins), red onions, celery, parsley, tamari, and a great spice blend–what’s not to like?

The flavor combo was really unique and well-rounded. The sweetness of the cherries and squash paired with the earthiness of the tempeh, and the light freshness of the parsely…man! My dad and I just loved this dish! Super healthy too; the only oil in the recipe is the drizzle used to roast the squash.

To make the meal even healthier (yay!), we served the salad alongside some lightly sautéed rainbow chard with garlic. Happy bellies.


10 responses to “Autumn Tempeh Salad in July

  1. The Voracious Vegan

    What a great combination of yummy and healthy! That tempeh salad looks just delicious, I would love to make that.

  2. Hi, Nora! Your salads look beautiful… Do you really live in Tempeh, AZ? Haha!

  3. How delicious! I eat "winter food" all the time in the summer and vice versa. My taste buds don't care what season it is!

  4. That is beautiful enough for any season – yum!

  5. That does sound like a well-balanced combination! Weird that you got a winter squash in your CSA in July.

  6. Yum, that tempeh salad looks great! Perfect for the weather we've been having over here…

  7. Elizabeth Jarrard

    I LOVE rainbow chard. soo good! let me know how your raw food experiment goes!! i just posted a raw chili recipe, delicious!

  8. cardiovegsular

    i just got the vegan table! so i MUST go find this recipe in it! that looks delicious. i'm JB, by the way. i love your blog! i'm going to follow it from now on. we both incorporate "veg" into our blog names. hah! "pride & vegudice" is really cute. i love it!have a great day, girl!

  9. Melisser; the Urban Housewife

    That sounds so lovely!

  10. That all looks really delicious. I have been craving some winter food, so I can really appreciate it. When I lived in Phoenix we used to get veggies that seemed off-season too, but you have to roll, er, cook with it!

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