Raw Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Or should I say, Oatmeal Raw-sin Cookies?! From Ani’s Raw Desserts, these Oatmeal Raisin Cookies consist of only 4 ingredients: raw oats, dates, raisins, and cinnamon (okay, so I added a pinch or two of salt–shoot me!) processed into oblivion.

They were absolutely delicious! I shaped them into hearts as you can see because who wouldn’t rather eat something this cute:

Unfortunately however, these little gems will have to be the high note on which I end this raw food cleanse. My stomach has been acting up ever since Portland a few weeks ago–it always hurts, I look like I’m a couple months pregnant, and I’ve lost a lot of my appetite. I read online that raw fruits and veggies, high in insoluble fiber, and high-fat foods such as nuts and coconut oil (hello, everything I’m eating right now!) are bad for digestion, so I don’t think I’m doing my body any favors right now. I’m supposed to get a CT soon, and I have an appointment with a specialist next week. In addition to feeling awful, I’m also worried about losing my fitness training for the 1/2-marathon because I haven’t felt up to running since last Sunday. :(

So back to cooked food it is. And, yes I really enjoy raw food, but I can’t say I’m not ready to come back to the cooked side! When I got home from work I had a bowl of pineapple-butternut squash oats. Random, but it seemed like the kind of neutral meal I needed right now to make my stomach feel a bit better (and I read that foods high in soluble fiber, like squash, oats, and soy, are good for digestion). Ugh, well hopefully this all gets sorted out soon, or there won’t be much interesting food porn here…


9 responses to “Raw Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

  1. Ruby Red Vegan

    Awww, girlie, I feel sorry for you and your poor tummy! It's a shame that the raw food thing isn't working too well for you. I think you can be healthy and digest well as long as you have lotsa veggies in the diet! You are absolutely right about high-fat foods — they definitely slow down foods' transit through the digestive tract. I feel awful if I eat too much fat, but I do need some fat in all my meals and snacks or I get so so hungry! Maybe some mixed meals with cooked starchy whole grains added to an otherwise raw meal would help you?! That's actually what I have been eating a lot lately.Your pictures of the Oatmeal Raw-sin Cookies completely have persuaded me to track down Ani's dessert book! I am in love with nut & fruit combos in my meals, and I think heart-shaped cookies like yours would look so cute & fun in my lunchbox that I take to work! You did such a good job!Oh, and butternut squash oats?! I am sooooo with you on that bandwagon! That's the best kinda oats that exist. Anyway, I hope you figure out what works for your body to make you feel great, and thanks for the awesome comments! You leave such good comments! :) Go you for sending back a bad latte!!

  2. ahh those cookies are so cute!

  3. That is the cutest raw food I've ever seen. Sorry about your stomach. You said in an earlier post you were going to the doctor, right? Maybe you have a sensitivity to something. Ginger is supposed to help digestion… make some ginger tea. Best of luck!

  4. Nicole (anotheronebitesthecrust.wordpress.com)

    I feel you on the stomach issues! I had the same symptoms a while ago, and I went through so many tests and they eventually just went away. So weird!

  5. Sorry about your stomach problems! I hope you get it sorted out soon and are feeling better. Maybe you could try keeping your diet close to 50/50 on the raw foods and cooked foods. Your oatmeal cookies look cute!

  6. Elizabeth Jarrard

    awhhh you're poor stomach!! that's awful!! Those cookies are adorable!!!! and look deliciousAnd as weird of a combination it may be, your first cooked meal sounds pretty tasty too! feel better!

  7. Those are too cute!!! And yep, you're probably doing the right thing by going back to cooked food. Too much insoluble (I feel like I spelled that wrong) is hard to digest. I hope you feel better soon!!!!!Pineapple squash oats sounds strangely good….

  8. vegan.in.brighton

    Awww I'm sorry the raw thing hasn't worked out so ell for you, I've still never tried it but I want to give it a go one day.Those cookies are super cute too!

  9. Those cookies look sooo yummy! Honestly, the last time I had a raw day my stomach was mad at me for quite awhile. I really think it was just the Brazil nuts, but I haven't been too excited about high-raw since. IMHO though…there is always room for raw desserts, haha.

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