Detox for Me, Pancakes for Family

I’m not complaining though–I’ve actually been really enjoying my detox bowls! Moving on from my attempted raw food week (BAD IDEA for the way I was feeling), my friend who’s had similar stomach issues recommended this 10-day detox cleanse. I know it’s Martha Stewart, so shoot me. Dr. Weil used to be featured in Body + Soul, so I think that gives it some credibility. :)

The detox basically consists of waking up to a cup of hot lemon water, exercise (for me, my 1/2 marathon training), a fruit smoothie or oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, a legume/whole grain/veggie bowl for lunch, a veggie/whole grain bowl for dinner, and another cup of lemon water before an early 10 pm bedtime. Ginger tea is also recommended after lunch and dinner, and snacks are options too: apples/pears + almonds (I’d use almond butter) and carrots/celery with hummus. Yes, it’s kind of restrictive (the hard part is cutting salt), but it has been making me feel better and hopefully it will hold me over until I can see a doctor!

After my 4-mile run and jump in the pool this morning, I had a raspberry-cinnamon almond milk smoothie. For lunch I had a brown basmati rice bowl with made-from-scratch chickpeas (I’ve never done that before, with the soaking and everything! except for lentils, that is…), steamed kale, and a cucumber soy yogurt sauce I concocted.

I didn’t miss the salt. I loaded my rice with turmeric, garam masala, dill, cumin, ginger, black pepper, and lemon juice. It had an incredible freshness that salty food often doesn’t have. The yogurt sauce was soy yogurt, cucumbers, cilantro, silken tofu, coriander, paprika, cumin, and lime juice. Again, it was nice and light without the salt, and all together, it was a very satisfying lunch bowl.

For dinner, I used the same rice and sauce, but had steamed white sweet potatoes and beet greens instead of the kale and chickpeas (the cleanse calls for no protein at dinner for some reason). I’ve never steamed sweet potatoes before–I was surprised how quickly they cooked!

Sure, The Love Bowl, with its salty sauce and baked tofu, was “tastier,” but I’m still thoroughly enjoying these more grounded, macrobiotic bowls, especially because I know they’re what my body needs right now!

My family however, is not on detox. Not that the Banana Cream Pancakes from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan are unhealthy–on the contrary, there’s no added sugar or fat besides the sweetness of ripe banana and the richness of coconut milk. But still, they have three things I don’t wanna eat right now: salt, sugar (the maple syrup), and gluten. However, I have made these before and can attest to the fact that they’re delicious! They fluff up beautifully and don’t leave you feeling heavy afterwards, like some carby breakfasts do.

Maple syrup waterfall. Pancake love.


7 responses to “Detox for Me, Pancakes for Family

  1. Nicole (

    I said it earlier on flickr, but I am in LOVE with the pancake photos!

  2. Those bowls don't look like "detox" food to me, they just look like something I'd normally eat everyday. I love those kinds of meals.I hope the new detox works better for you and is easier on your stomach!

  3. Alyssa Franchetti

    Awe, I hope you feel better soon so you can get down on those pancakes!!! They look soooo beautiful!

  4. That is one beautiful pancake waterfall! I'm glad the detox is working well, I did something similar in the spring, lots of fruits and veggies, although I didn't eat any grains…..but raw food detox was just too much for me, sometimes….I like my food warm, shoot me.

  5. Fabulous bowls, whether detox or not! Everything looks delicious.

  6. I'd love one of those detox bowls. Beans, grains, greens, mmm. Your cucumber sauce sounds refreshing!

  7. Beautiful pancake photo with the syrup waterfall!!!And those bowls look delicious. That's the kind of food you feel really good about when you're done eating.BTW, I listen to Whole Living (hosted by the editor of Body+Soul Mag) on the Martha Stewart radio station on Sirius every morning… :-)On steamed buns: They're basically balls of dough that you typically buy frozen and steam back to life in a steamer basket. I get mine at an Asian market — some are stuffed with veggies or red beans and others are plain (like the wheat ones on my blog). If you have an Asian market near you, look in the frozen section and I bet you'll find some. Watch out though cause some are stuffed with pork.

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