Sesame Scrambled Tempeh and Greens with Yams

I made the Sesame Scrambled Tempeh with Greens and Yams from Vegan Brunch (I subbed tempeh for the ‘fu the recipe calls for). Three of my favorite foods! Anyhow, it was absolutely delicious. It’s a pretty simple recipe – besides the ingredients in the title, the recipe just includes some garlic, ginger, red pepper, and soy sauce, but that’s about it!

This dish was rich and flavorful, sweet and salty, but still simple and down to earth (and quite easy to prepare). I’m sure I’ll try the recipe with the intended tofu at some point, but given that tempeh’s my favorite out of the holy trinity of vegan proteins – tofu/tempeh/seitan – I was definitely happy with it this way! I just used the cooking method that Isa gives for Basic Scrambled Tempeh a few pages before.

I’ve kind of dropped off the Vegan Brunch radar since my initial kick, but this recipe reminded me that I need to get back in there! So you have that to look forward to.


10 responses to “Sesame Scrambled Tempeh and Greens with Yams

  1. Nicole (

    I am SO making this!!! It looks really good and super easy.

  2. Okay, I am definitely going to have this in the next few days! I think it would actually be better w/ tempeh. And it looks so pretty, too!

  3. Lovely bowl! I love tempeh, too. It never gets the respect it deserves. I was packing my books yesterday (for the big move) and thought of you as I boxed up all my Jane Austen. Good old Janie.

  4. What a great idea! I don't eat tofu but I like tempeh. Plus kale + sweet p's? That has just got to be amazing!I haven't used my Vegan Brunch book yet! Gotta get on that!

  5. How funny, I was planning on making this for lunch!! Tempeh is actually probably my least favorite, but I happened to see this recipe yesterday and was thinking I should use up the tempeh that's been in my fridge for quite awhile.

  6. cookingforaveganlover

    wow that looks delicious

  7. Don't fall off the radar!!! This looks so good. I love tempeh the most too, I think…even though I cook with tofu more often.

  8. cardiovegsular

    i happen to have vegan brunch, as well as sweet potato, AND some tempeh in the fridge right now. hmmm. maybe i'll give the recipe a looksie. or not…because i'll be sad if i make it and it doesn't come out looking as GORGEOUS as yours!

  9. Jackie at

    I love all the ingredients in this dish! It looks delicious but simple to make; I'll definitely be trying it soon!

  10. That looks so good! I think I kind of passed that one by when I read VB, but I will definitely pay attention now.

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