PB and J Bread and Sweet Potato Crepes

Okay, I have wanted to make Celine’s PB and J Quick Bread from Have Cake, Will Travel FOR-EV-ER. I finally got around to it this week, and thank god I did! What a freaking good idea.

I followed the recipe exactly, but I left out 2 Tbs each of the PB and strawberry jam to swirl in at the end to make sure that there’d be some visible ribbons of goodness.

This bread is really nice – just sweet enough, but still simple and wholesome. I liked the oat-y taste as well!

And what’s a PB&J lover to do with PB&J bread? Um, put more PB&J on it, silly.

Maybe that is gluttonous, but it felt so right.

As hard as it may be to believe, I’m gonna move on to something even better. The dish I’m about to show you was possibly the most delectable thing I’ve ever made! At the very least, one of the fanciest, and most presentable. Sweet Potato Crepes with Cilantro-Tamarind Sauce from Vegan with a Vengeance! Isa makes this in the Valentine’s Day episode of the PPK cooking show, but I thought that it’s being Tuesday was a good enough occasion for them, don’t you?

Yes, this recipe took over two hours to make. Yes, with the filling, sauce, and crepe batter, it was complicated. Yes, I had to scrounge up some semi-exotic ingredients. Yes, I toasted and ground my own Indian spices. But was it worth it? YES.

The filling is sweet potatoes, bell peppers, onions, some toasty spices, and coconut milk. The sauce is primarily cilantro, tamarind, cashews, and maple syrup. The crepes are made with chickpea flour (it called for all-purpose flour too, but I subbed spelt, added a 1/4 cup of extra water, and they were perfect, so it’s a forgiving recipe!). It all came together wonderfully. My mom actually thought the crepes had a pleasant slightly sour taste to them, sort of like injera bread, which is fine because injera rocks.


20 responses to “PB and J Bread and Sweet Potato Crepes

  1. PB & J Quick Bread? Now that sounds delicious!

  2. The Voracious Vegan

    Peanut butter and jelly on peanut butter and jelly bread!?!?! YES! I think that is the only way to eat it! Looks so good, love the slices.And. WOW. That crepe looks gorgeous, I love the sound of cilantro and tamarind, it's one of my favorite flavor combos! Such a beautiful meal.

  3. Mmm! As you know, I've been a little obsessed with peanut butter recently. I've added this recipe to my list–I'm drooling over it now!

  4. PBJ in "dessert-y bread form" + sweet potato crepes = MARVELOUS!!

  5. That bread is genious! And spreading more PB&J on top is even more genious. I've been dying to make that recipe too. (No idea why I haven't yet)Your crepes look pretty. They sound labor intensive, but I bet they were worth it.

  6. I need to make both of those recipes. RIGHT. NOW.

  7. No More Sad Geraniums

    I love Celine's breads, and I cannot believe that I haven't made this one yet. It looks delicious as do the crepes. Since I finally have tamarind, I may have to take the plunge on those.

  8. Elizabeth Jarrard

    um wanna come to boston and cook for me?? THESE look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! wow

  9. Lisa (Show Me Vegan)

    over 2 hours for the crepes! I am impressed! They look divine.

  10. Oh my gosh!1. That bread looks AMAZING! It was already on my "must make" list…but seeing your post bumped it up to a higher priority. :)2. Those crepes sound divine! I'm so glad all the effort was worth it in the end.

  11. I've been really wanting to make that PB & J bread for ages too…I would totally smother it in more PB & J…not at all gluttonous!

  12. Holy crepe (hahaha), two hours?! Impressive! They look fabulous, so the time investment must've been totally worth it.

  13. AAAHHH!!! You don't know HOW MUCH I ADORE crepes! But filled with sweet potato? That is freaking AMAZING! And that PB and J bread is just making my eyes pop as well! AAAHHH! I don't think I'll be ever able to screw them back!

  14. Nicole (anotheronebitesthecrust.wordpress.com)

    Crepes crepes crepes!

  15. I've been jonesing for some crepes recently, those sound amazing!! I'll have to make them on a special day when I have two hours to spare! Or maybe a boring day where I have two hours to spare that I will make special with sweet potato crepes!

  16. Those crepes look perfect! What a great presentation and those colours. Simply gorgeous.And Celine's recipes are the best!

  17. Isn't that bread the best?! I almost smeared PB on mine too, but talked myself out of it…I didn't, however, manage to convince myself not to spread the slices with extra jelly. :-)The crepes look super fancy. Sometimes I think it's fun to treat myself on regular old days. It makes normal days feel all special!

  18. I've been wanting to make that bread, too! And your crepes look just fantastic. Such an interesting mix of flavors and textures!

  19. Sometimes I love 2-hour recipes. They're my favorite way to relax on the weekend. Your crepes look amazing!

  20. kate - tofu and potatoes

    drool.. those crepes look amazing! I have a bear shaped crepe pan that I bought in Holland and you've given me some inspiration to use it more now. :)

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