Peanut Butter Pancakes and Lotsa Granola

So, I’m back at Pomona College to start my senior year! I’m nervous about the workload and senior thesis and, well, becoming a real person in 9 months time, but am also super excited to be back with my friends and settle in to this new schedule. I’m living with three of my best friends in an adorable suite, and life is good at the moment.

My last few days at home were full of some decadent treats because I knew I’d go back to eating a lot more Hugh Jass (in honor of Shelby!) salads once I was back at the dining hall. I’m not complaining; I do love salads, and there is some pretty decent vegan food here in Claremont – but still. I also knew I’d mostly be having cereal in my room for breakfast – so I wanted to pack in some variety pre-departure. Take, for example, these Chocolate Chip-Peanut Butter Pancakes with Chocolate Peanut Butter Syrup. I know, I know! The pancakes are from the PPK (but with chips added), and the syrup is Celine’s recipe!

I love this pancake recipe so much! It’s seriously just ground oats, peanut butter, banana, and soy milk (well, and baking powder, and I added chocolate chips and a pinch of salt – but still, super simple!) I liked making pancakes with oats instead of regular flour and the peanut butter-banana flavor was perfectly balanced. Topped with the syrup and fresh bananas, this was the perfect breakfast to have my last day at home. I may have even enjoyed these little love cakes alongside a glass of chocolate soy milk. ;)

A funny thing about the batter was that I had it two days in a row, so I kept it in the fridge overnight, and the next morning, it had turned into oatmeal. Peanut butter-banana oatmeal. The oats had absorbed all the liquid, and it had gotten really thick. It probably would have been delicious as it was actually (minus the baking powder!)

I also made two kinds of granola for my dear little sister, Olivia, who just began her second year at Colgate University in NY (she plays DI soccer there!). She’s a big granola fan, but has pretty high standards. Apparently, standards that Colgate cannot fulfill. So of course she called me! She requested an apple-cinnamon batch, so I made one of those, plus another for experiment’s sake. For the apple cinnamon, I used the recipe for Greg’s Granola in Vegan Lunch Box, but that seems too oddly personal of a name, so I’m going to call it Apple-Cinnamon-Almond Granola, okay?

I followed the recipe except for using all dried apples (instead of apples + raisins), and subbing the pecans with Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Almonds. It came out really well–a little sweet, but not over the top.

I also made Pecan-Cranberry Olive Oil Granola from the New York Times website (subbing the pecans and cranberries for the pistachios and apricots in the original recipe, and switching the cardamom for extra cinnamon). I personally would have made it with the given flavor combo, but Liv is a bit picky and I wanted to make sure she’d like it! I wish I could say I chose to make olive oil granola in honor of my sister’s name (I call her Olive sometimes), but honestly, it just looked really, really good.

Granola mountain!  This was my first time using olive oil in granola (although I have used it in blueberry muffins before and the result was delicious!), and I’d definitely do it again! It gave the granola a super rich, almost “buttery” taste that fat-free granola, or even granola made with canola oil, would certainly not have. This recipe had a bit more sugar (maybe to mask the olive-y taste?), but whatever. A crowd-pleaser for sure!

Be back soon with some more of my last-minute eats at home, including, oh, I don’t know, Teesey nachos and stuffed mochi? Oops. Gave that one away, didn’t I?


13 responses to “Peanut Butter Pancakes and Lotsa Granola

  1. OH my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh…I NEED those pancakes!

  2. Sophia.Pflieger

    Those pancakes look great, and made me realize that I don't make pancakes nearly often enough!And both of those granola's would make the most perfect breakfast with a little soygurt!Sophia,

  3. What a decadent breakfast! You're definitely not going to find anything that fancy in the dining hall. Good luck this semester! I bet you're thrilled that it's your last year.

  4. No More Sad Geraniums

    Those flour-less pancakes look great, and good luck during your senior year!


  6. mazal tov on reaching your senior year. savor every hectic minute of it because the real world kinda sucks-(sometimes, but not all the time). anyway thanks for the continuous array of gorgeous food porn and the pancake tips. i'm hosting a vegan brunch soon and one of my guests is GF, so making pancakes with oats is a nice save for him. xo jewy


    Woah those pancakes! I have to try those as I'm trying to quit eating wheat, yum!

  8. Ooo, I do like the sound of those peanut butter pancakes. Did they cook okay the second day despite being super thick or did you add more liquid?

  9. PB pancakes! They sound fantastic, especially with some added chocolate.

  10. I think I'll have those pancakes for my breakfast tommorow!btw, you are such a great sister!

  11. Your granola looks good but the pancakes! Bestill my heart! I made that sauce this weekend too, but have only had it on ice cream… until now! Thanks for the great idea. And congrats on starting your senior year! That is so wonderful!

  12. Yum! How glorious those pancakes look! I haven't had pancakies in so long, but that recipe looks like the perfect place to start over again…so simple! Haha, I love how you prepare for dining hall food with decadence a few days beforehand. :)

  13. Your pictures always make me hungry! Those pancakes look delicious as does the granola.

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