A Full Vegan Runs a Half Marathon

Couldn’t resist the hokey title.

It actually kind of reminds me of the subtitle of my blog – “Former English Major, Forever Vegan” – which, coincidentally, I’ve wanted to clear up! I’m not a former English major in the sense that I’ve already graduated; rather, I switched from being an English major with a minor in Environmental Analysis (EA) to an EA major minoring in English. This clarification being made, I thought any Austenites following my blog would be happy to know that I am currently taking my English senior seminar for my minor. A seminar by the name of “Austen and the Reader.” Best. Class. Ever. Not least because I didn’t have to buy any books for it since I own an engraved anthology with gold-dusted pages, naturally. :)

The funny thing about this semester is that, on the one hand, I’m freaking out about the veritable novel’s worth of writing ahead of me in the form of my thesis and English seminar paper, but on the other, it’s a thesis on veganism and a seminar paper on Austen. And if you haven’t noticed, those may or may not be two of the dearest things in my life. So maybe I should try to enjoy myself? Just maybe?

Contrary to what I presume to be your current suspicions, this post IS in fact going to discuss that which its title promised: my half marathon!

On September 6th, my friend Chelsea and I kicked the Disneyland Half Marathon‘s butt (Obviously the picture below is the “before” shot). The end.

This was my first half marathon (before I started training this summer, I’d never run more than 5 1/2 miles at a time, and before the actual race, I’d never run more than 10!). The experience completely lived up to the hype. We started out just outside the park, then ran through California Adventure and Disneyland, wherein we were cheered on by numerous mascots and princesses. Then came the streets-of-Anaheim portion of the race that would have been somewhat tedious had the course not been lined with marching bands, cheerleaders, Hawaiian dancers, Mariachis, and the like. Finally, around mile 9 we got to run into and through Dodgers stadium and see ourselves on the jumbo-tron as you passed the camera. I ran the race with a Clif Bar pace team – which I definitely recommend for the camaraderie and security it provided – shooting for 2:15, but thanks to a final surge in the last mile or so, which I was surprised I had the energy for, I clocked in at 2:10:47.

But seriously, the race wasn’t that hard! I know it sounds crazy, but those 13.1 miles went by like THAT – even having woken up at 3:00am that morning for our 6:00am start! Race day adrenaline is one of those things that everyone tells you about, and you’re like, “um, okay, that’s comforting,” but it really is a key factor! Plus, being around so many (10,000 +) equally energized people, you really don’t notice your body or feel the exhaustion until afterwards. You’re too distracted by the new scenery, your fellow halfers, the amazing supporters lining the streets, and your own sense of determination to finish, and gratitude to be there, healthy as you are – an opportunity that a lot of people don’t receive. I didn’t even turn on my iPod.

Here’s the moment I’ve been working towards all summer! Please notice Pluto to my right:

I looked pretty good for nearing the end of mile 12, didn’t I?

A full marathon is definitely in the cards at this point, but not for a few more years. I want to get a few more halfs (halves?) under my belt.


23 responses to “A Full Vegan Runs a Half Marathon

  1. Congratulations on the race, Nora!Your Austen class sounds awesome. I took something similar. Enjoy it! After college you'll never again get to spend the day reading Austen and consider it getting work done. Unless, I guess, you become an English professor. Or a professional vegan Austen blogger. Have you seen this new "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" book? I can't decide if I want to even open the cover.

  2. Congrats on your half!! What a great time!

  3. WOW!!! So awesome. Your recap is making me even get that adrenaline rush lol. Big pat on the back :D

  4. Awesome race! I hope to someday run one myself- it's a great accomplishment :-)

  5. I should go running with you, you sound like a great motivator. Congratulations on that race!I was an English minor and I survived mostly without reading Jane Austen…I'm loved and still love George Eliot though. Does that count as well?

  6. Way to go, Nora!!!You look really strong even at the finish. I just know you'll do a full marathon soon.

  7. Elizabeth Jarrard

    great race!!! love your photos-great in action shots!!

  8. Congrats on the race!I'm an English major and minor and both are writing tracts, lol. Basically, all I do for homework is read, which is always awesome. Although I feel like I'm cheating taking a class in Tolkien and Rowling…

  9. Awesome job, Nora! You look really good at the end of the race. I used to be dead at the end of our mile run tests. haha. I am so not a runner and am very impressed.

  10. Congratulations!!!!

  11. Congrats on the half marathon! I missed the deadline for Disneyworld's 2010 Half, but I am definitely signing up for 2011, especially now that I read about how great the Disneyland Half was!

  12. Good for you, that is quite the accomplishment, I would to be able to do something like that. But I'm not a runner, I've tried many times.Sophia,http://whatyourmommadidntknow.blogspot.com/

  13. congratulations on the race that's awesome.

  14. Yea Nora!!! I'm so proud of you. I wish I could run without breaking into an asthmatic fit. You make it look so effortless. Since you're a runner now, I have a question. I work out 5 days a week, including boxing, spinning, elliptical, treadmill, etc. And I'm fine with all that. But when I try to run for less than a minute, I get all wheezy. Were you like that when you started? If you train regularly, will that go away?

  15. Congrats! What a great accomplishment. You should be proud of yourself.

  16. Congratulations, that's so exciting! And I'm intrigued in the topic of your honours thesis–what are you writing about?

  17. Congratulations! You really do look strong at the finish line!

  18. That sounds really interesting–good luck with it! And I look forward to possibly hearing a bit about it on your blog when you get closer to finishing?

  19. That race sounds awesome…I love how you got to run through such cool stuff like Disneyland and the stadium. The only half marathons I've done have been offroad so I only get to run through trees, water and stuff like that! Not quite as exciting!

  20. Wow, you are a inspiration to me. I wanted to run a half marathon at the end of the year but have stopped running for 5 months now. The longest I have ran is 10k. How did you train for the race? Do you have any tips? You have inspired me to get off my ass and get on the treadmill after I finish this post. And then find a half marathon to sign up for. Thanks, Heidigumshoe0108@msn.com

  21. Your race sounds only more awesome because of the Disney factor! I'd be psyched up too if I had characters and marching bands along the way.

  22. Congrats on the race! I'd never be able to run like that. What an accomplishment!

  23. Nicole (anotheronebitesthecrust.wordpress.com)

    COngratulations on the race!! Hehe, and I love the title :D

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