Green with Envy

At least that’s how I think you’ll feel as you read this post. You’re welcome.

I don’t think Green has ever come up in my blog before (at least not more than in passing), which is bizarre, considering that it’s been – and continues to be – my favorite restaurant since I went vegan. It’s vegan fast food – okay, maybe not fast food, but quick, comfort food – at its finest.

Green is a completely vegan restaurant in North Tempe, almost in Scottsdale, but not quite. Tempe(h) for the win! Now that I think of it, it’s really the only vegan restaurant I know of in Tempe, and maybe Phoenix. There’s plenty of vegetarian places, many of which have a ton of vegan options or are mostly vegan, but I think Green’s the only one that’s legit enough to not only be 100% vegan, but 500% more delicious than everywhere else.

Green has a mix of Asian and American options, including appetizers and salads, customizable flatbread pizzas, po-boys, sammies, burgers, stir-fry bowls, and, most importantly, the infamous tsoynamis.

This guy used to be a special, but eventually was added to the regular menu. Um, I wonder why?…

The Mexicali burger: Green’s homemade burger patty with organic garbanzo hummus, zesty nacho cheese, vegan mayo and spicy chipotle sauce. With the only side I ever order: tahini coleslaw! On an Ezekiel bun, of course! If you could have your junk food on whole grain bread for only a dollar extra, wouldn’t you do it too? There’s not much to say about this burger except that, like all their sandwiches, the flavors come together just right, providing you with a melty, gooey mess that’s as satisfyingly wonderful as it is difficult to eat without your formerly clean face becoming a casualty of the meal. The coleslaw is cool and rich, with little flecks of peanuts balancing out the creamy tahini dressing. It’s always the perfect foil to the warm and hearty sammies.

This sandwich is a special, and only a special, for now: the Tempeh Reuben!

I’ve never had a real reuben before – if you can even call a sandwich made of ground toxin- and antibiotic-laden flesh “real,” that is – but this one was amazing. Spicy, toothsome tempeh, tangy sauerkraut, and creamy vegan thousand-island dressing. Mmm.

This here is another favorite, not least because it’s oh-so-adorable name.
The Texas “moo-shroom” po-boy: “pulled” and shredded portabella with caramelized onions and peppers slow cooked in Green’s espresso BBQ sauce.

As you can see, they don’t skimp on the filling. It usually takes me a few minutes to eat the stuff outside my sandwich with a fork before I even take a real bite. Not complaining though…

The moo-shroom po-boy is even messier than the Mexicali burger. Just look at how saucy it is. (pun INTENDED!)

Although I usually order sandwiches or stir-fry bowls (their mock chicken is one of my favorite faux meats of all time!), occasionally I’m up for a pizza. My only problem being overcoming my revulsion – fear? haha – of white flour, as I’m pretty sure these aren’t whole wheat flatbreads.

Butttttt, that sentiment is pretty easily overcome when this awaits me:

Green’s namesake, the Greenza! Homemade pesto sauce (basil and pine nut) with vegan mozzarella cheese (they use Teese). This one was topped with artichoke hearts, spinach, and caramelized onions.

Here’s one that my friend ordered! The Western: Green’s vegan BBQ sauce with vegan mozzarella cheese. Jo topped hers with roasted jalapeños and mock chicken because she’s bad-ass like that!

No visit to Green would be complete without the obligatory Tsoynami (Think a Dairy Queen Blizzard, but vegan and 3265561487x more amazing).

Green makes their own vegan “tsoft tserve,” and it’s the best fro-yo style vegan ice cream I’ve ever had. And the mix-ins. Oh, the mix-ins. Imagine every vegan thing you’d ever want on a sundae at your disposal, and that’s how Green rolls. Fruit (berries, bananas, and tropical fruit), multiple forms of chocolate, various flavors of Newman’s O’s, graham crackers, vegan mocha puffs, “captain crunch,” and “berry crunch,” pretzels, nuts, ricemellow fluff, flavored syrups, and of course, PEANUT BUTTER. And not just any peanut butter, organic Maranatha peanut butter. Sometimes they even have special mix-ins, like orange pound cake. There’s about 15 pre-made combos, but I usually design my own.

Here’s the PB&J (Strawberries, PB, and graham crackers) with bananas added:

And a special: the Monsoon, which, if I remember correctly, was chocolate syrup, chocolate cake, and chocolate chips. Of course I had to add PB to it.

I wish I had pics of all the Green meals I’ve had before I got my camera, but that post would be unbearably lengthy, so maybe it’s for the best. But I can guarantee you that this won’t be the last you hear of my favorite restaurant.


18 responses to “Green with Envy

  1. I'm a huge fan of Green and have blogged about it before. Every time I'm in Phoenix/Tempe, I eat pretty much every meal there. :)

  2. wow, just wow! i'd love to have access to a restaurant like that. how lucky you are! i just wanna nom it all. i had some serious catching up to do with your blog. normally it is pretty slow at work and i can spend 10 mins or so each day looking at food porn on my buddies blogs, but i've had to wait until i get home. great job on the marathon. i love the blog's new look, and while i've only been to AZ once, i miss it terribly.xo jewy

  3. The PBJ and Monsoon look INCREDIBLE!!

  4. Woah!! You must be kidding with this place. It looks too good to be true!! Jealous! It seems like I must take a trip over there..

  5. Green sounds like an awesome restaurant! I wish we had a place like that here. All of the food you posted looks delicious, but of course, I'm drooling over that ice cream!

  6. The PB&J & Monsoon!?! INSANE!!! I wish I went to green when I lived in AZ !

  7. That looks absolutely amazing. Everything looks great, but that first burger is making me extra hungry. And how could you not follow it up with some of that amazing ice cream? Insanely jealous.

  8. What an amazing restaurant! I LOVE tempeh REubens. :) And great new look for the blog!

  9. Yup. Totally green with envy…It all looks so good!

  10. Elizabeth Jarrard

    i am GREEN with envy! of both your new blog layout (love the new photo and the focus contrast!!) and the restaurant. those ice cream shakes???? holy yum! omg i can't get over it! i want the pb&j so bad!and they would serve it in compostable plasticware. wow. love

  11. liking your new banner! it's lovely.the monsoon sounds amazing – i really wish we had a vegan restaurant in this town!

  12. I am green with envy! That place sounds so, so awesome. Especially those tsoynamis! I also fear the white flour, but I make exceptions when I eat out…since I don't eat out very often.

  13. I love how you "autumnified" your blog, it's so pretty! :)The moo-shroom po-boy looks so freakin' good! But of course, those desserts steal the show! *drool*

  14. Oh man, I am SO jealous that you have a place like that. All that food looks incredible! Those soft serves? Look like heaven! And the tempeh reuben? Delicious! I've never had a reuben before of any kind but I want one after looking at that photo.

  15. Oh my god, I'm so hungry now! Those sammiches look fantastic. I'll go to Green if ever I'm near Tempe(h)!

  16. Yes, indeed I like your blog's new look. And all those sanwiches look absolutely amazing, I wish I could taste one of them.

  17. Holy yum! I wonder if I can get my bacon loving anti-hippy (but awesome in all other regards) aunt and uncle to take us there in April!

  18. Hi there! I just found your blog! I'm from Phoenix but I'm away from home at the moment (I'm an English major at Wells College in upperstate NY–oh and I'm writing my thesis on Jane Austen). Needless to say, I miss Green! Thanks for the pics and descriptions! I'll definitely be coming back to read all of your posts!

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