A New Favorite Breakfast

Okay, maybe one of my favorites. I’m a big breakfast girl, so them’s fightin’ words. But this is really good and perfect when you want to start your day with something both satisfying and refreshing: Katie’s Banana Blender Cereal!

I’ve made this a few times, and have deviated from her recipe by various degrees. I mean, it’s really only an adaptation of her recipe to the extent that it’s blended cereal, banana, and soy milk, but still. It always turns out great regardless of the cereal, nuts, or other mix-ins I decide to add, but my one this morning was by far the best: made with (gluten-free) Nature’s Path Peanut Butter and Chocolate Leapin’ Lemurs puffs!

If I had to guesstimate, I’d say this was a cup of cereal, one frozen sliced banana (okay, that‘s not a guess), 1/2 cup soy milk, a teaspoon vanilla, a dash of nutmeg, a shit ton of cinnamon, a couple teaspoons of carob powder (to boost the chocolately flavor!), and about a tablespoon of ground flax seeds (because I put flax seeds in everything I blend for brekkie…) If you don’t have a frozen banana, definitely add some ice, though I think it would turn out a lot less creamy without one, so just don’t go there.

It came out extremely rich and creamy and ice cold from the frozen banana. I seriously felt like I was eating a decadent milkshake for breakfast–even more decadent than my usual PB/Carob/Banana smoothie! I think it’s the cereal that does it. Anyways, make this.

Please don’t let my consecutive posting fool you! I’m NOT doing Vegan MoFo–seriously! Just wanted to share a simple yet delightful breakfast.


24 responses to “A New Favorite Breakfast

  1. I'm pretty sure I want this for my next breakfast! It seems like a yummy smoothie-ish bevvie!!!

  2. Love Katie's recipe!

  3. Ooooh man that looks so good!

  4. The Voracious Vegan

    That DOES look awesome! I love food that tastes like dessert but is super healthy for you. YUMMMY!

  5. i love how katie has turned so many people on to cereal. it's okay–you don't have to participate in mofo. your food porn is so ace though!

  6. Elizabeth Jarrard

    that looks delightful!!! i've never contemplated blending cereal-i guess nows a good time to start!

  7. chocolate covered Katie

    Oh my gosh, Nora, I am so so honored. Plus I am so impressed: it never looks that good when I make it! (Well, obbviously your photography skills are parially the reason!) May I feature you on my blog in an upcoming tribute post?Thank you so much; you really made my day :)

  8. That sounds oddly delicious. Yummy! I'll have to give it a shot one of these days!

  9. This is one of my favorite recipes! In cooler weather, I usually heat it up and eat it like oatmeal. . . even better! :)

  10. Cereal in a smoothie… wow. That sounds and looks great, but it's tripping me out. I'll have to give it a try.

  11. I LOVE that recipe!

  12. Oh yes, that is definitely on my list!

  13. It looks so very good! My kids would love it!

  14. bjorkedoff/drowninginademitasse

    i need a blender!do you ever add panut butter?

  15. Katie's kind of a breakfast genius. I like your take on it though – breakfast is *always* better with flax.

  16. Ooo that smoothie DOES look awesome and I bet the puffs made it even tastier :D I just got done reading breakfast, but I wish I had read this. This seems perfect for my days on the go, and I won't be getting questions of "what is thattt?" with an expression of disgust lol. Maybe they'll ask me "what is that" but with a jealous and curious look.

  17. Wow, that's some breakfast! I'll have to give that a try, it looks delicious! :-)

  18. Smoothies have been my usual breakfasts these days, but mine are usually more healthy and boring… Mostly fruits, veggies, and juice. This sounds like amazingly delicious fun though, and still pretty healthy!

  19. LOVE this idea! Glad you found my blog and now I've found yours :) I'm a former English major too. Great photos!

  20. This is a great idea! I'm always amazed by the things a blender can do :)

  21. What a great blog you have! I was just surfin' vegetarian blogs and thought I would swing by!~http://blissfulplace.blogspot.com/

  22. Wowza! I'll be honest, blended up wet cereal sounds disgusting, but the milkshake looks so good!

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