A Celebration of Healthy Fats

I might as well call this post “A Celebration of Color,” because I just realized my recent eats have also been a veritable rainbow. You’ll see.

But back to fats. Healthy fats. Like avocado, cashews, almond butter, and–my favorite–coconut! I’ve been incorporating a larger than usual variety of these foods into my diet lately because my usual main source of fat (peanut butter–do I even need to tell you that?) has been absent due to the fact that I’ve been doing an elimination diet the past week to see if I have any food sensitivities.

Anyways, I gotta satisfy the place in my heart that PB generally fills somehow, right? So, how about avocado smashed rice cakes?!

I just “smashed” half a beautiful avocado on two brown rice cakes, sprinkled on some salt, and called it a day (maybe next time I’ll try some nooch too). This would be better warm on toast, but I didn’t have any gluten-free toast (for the elimination diet), and rice cakes are cute, so there.

I bought some perfectly ripe juicy peaches at the farmer’s market last Sunday. They were also ridiculously humongous considering they were organic.

For a light breakfast a few days ago, I just sliced one up and drizzled it with coconut oil, and cinnamon. That was enough to fill me up because I’m not joking when I say these peaches were oddly large. The coconut oil kind of solidified on the peach slices because they were cold. It was weird, but still delicious.

Finally, a brilliant discovery I made at my local health food store, Ecoterra: Tomberlie’s Raw Vegan Ice Cream! I bought a–I wanna say pint, but the container was so tiny, it was probably half a pint–of the blueberry flavor because how often do you have blueberry ice cream? Or maybe I just wanted to complete the color spectrum of this post.

Tomberlie’s uses young thai coconut and raw cashews to achieve its creamy texture, and raw agave nectar for sweetness. Most of the ingredients are organic, and there are literally no thickeners or filler ingredients. Besides the ingredients I already mentioned, there was only filtered water, blueberries, lemon juice, and vanilla bean!

I think it’s pretty amazing that the ice cream had such a wonderful, authentic texture given that there’s no emulsifiers or anything. As much as I love So Delicious and Purely Decadent, they have fairly lengthy ingredient lists. Snaps for Tomberlie’s! Plus, what a cool name! :)

Despite its excellence on its own, I had to try the ice cream in my own elimination diet-friendly form of a sundae! The obvious solution: add more frozen blueberries, a squeeze pack of Justin’s Classic Almond Butter, and some cinnamon and more cashews (the last two aren’t pictured here). It was decadent, and, as this post is all about, full of healthy fats!

I can’t wait to try more Tomberlie’s flavors! Especially Fudge Ripple, Chocolate Chip, Praline Pecan, and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. It’s definitely hard on the wallet, but for being raw and mostly organic, I’ll take it. :)


22 responses to “A Celebration of Healthy Fats

  1. Avocados = daily staple.I'm SO envious that you have access to Tomberlie's!! I cannot find it here :(

  2. I never heard of Tomberlie's before, but I hope I get to try it someday! Nice post. I've been trying to incorporate more fats into my diet lately too. Peanut butter will always be my #1 though!

  3. I've never head of Tomberlie's it sounds awesome :)

  4. Ohhh you are so lucky! That ice cream looks delicious! And White Chocolate Macadamia Nut would probably make me die of happiness. I wish it was sold near me…I must find it somewhere! Oh, and your sundae idea is awesome. :)

  5. Avocado Toast is my favorite breakfast! I must buy more bread soon but first I have to find a good GF brand. Tomberlies?! I must find that ASAP!!!

  6. Devan Geselle. N

    love avocados!i cant belive that raw ice cream. yum!

  7. That avocado rice cake looks great! It's so weird, I just got a couple of giant organic peaches too. I'm only able to eat half of it at a time.And the raw ice cream is an amazing find! It looks incredible! :-)

  8. The Voracious Vegan

    Avocados are my favorite thing. Healthy fats are another favorite thing…(well, all fats but you know.) Olives, nuts, avocados….Your photos are so beautiful!

  9. i love avocados! and that ice cream sounds ace.

  10. Yummy!!!! And yes- I could never live with out avocados- especially since I am eating more raw these days.

  11. That ice cream sounds so cool – I adore anything and everything blueberry.

  12. Spreading avocados on toast is perhaps my favorite snack/meal! I never thought to add a sprinkling of nutritional yeast – good idea!!!

  13. I LOVE avocados, I always add a piece in my smoothie, YUM! I've to find Tomberlie's ASAP, that ice cream looks so delicious, Mmmmm!!!

  14. I am impressed by that ice cream. I really didn't know you could buy this stuff. I've been thinking about eating more avocados as well, they are so delicious.

  15. Stunning colors! I agree, cold coconut oil can be weird, but still uber-healthy! And that ice cream looks to die for. I want some!!

  16. Jessie (Vegan-minded)

    Tomberlie's looks awesome! You are so lucky to have access to it.By the way, have you ever tried sprinkling your avocado with black salt? I eat avocado on toast all the time, and the black salt makes it taste like egg salad, it's amazing! Give it a try next time :)

  17. A vegan ice cream I've never heard about?! Crazy! I sure wish it were available over here.

  18. Your blog is inspiring! I really love the avocado on rice cake idea! Lovely.MaggieMYBREAKFASTBLOG.COM

  19. I love pb on rice cakes, but I could totally do avocado – great idea!I hope to see raw ice cream soon. It sounds fantastic!

  20. I don't know if I'm more jealous of the ice cream, or the peach! They both look amazing. I love your photos!

  21. Rice cakes never get any respect, but they ARE cute, and crunchy, and wonderful! I was just thinking today that I need to eat them more often. Yay fats! I love almonds and coconut, and I also love indulging in olives.

  22. This all looks so delicious! and great photos…makes me want to reach into the screen!

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