Pumpkin for My Pumpkin

Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies for my little sister, that is!

I’m currently visiting my favorite person in the world. She’s a sophomore (and DI soccer player!) at Colgate University in the charming town of Hamilton in central NY. It’s my first time here, and I’m loving it.

Of course I couldn’t come empty-handed–I’m her big (wonderful vegan baker) sister, after all! I had to make something seasonal, and having my own fond memories of my mom sending me pumpkin chocolate chip cookies in October of my freshman year at Pomona, I decided that was the route to take. Good decision, I think.

I used this recipe from the PPK, subbing 1 cup of chocolate chips for the walnuts and raisins because, um, which would you prefer? I added the optional flax seed as well because, in my book, chewier cookies always take the cake. (Uh oh, mixed metaphor!)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try them (still doing elimination diet stuff, so no sugar or gluten for me at the present!), but my friends and Olivia all seemed to love them! From making and at least smelling them, however, I got the sense that they weren’t quite pumpkin-y enough. Liv said the molasses kind of overpowered the pumpkin (I think maple syrup would be a better option), and my mom thought they could use a bit more spice. Still, they’ve all been wolfing them down nonetheless, so I’m marking them as a win, even if I would probably try a different recipe next time!

So far, the weather’s been surprisingly mild (for NY in October…). We’ve been enjoying the brisk and sunny autumn days to the fullest, an enjoyment that necessarily includes playing in the leaves:

Please notice the heart formed by the leaves around Livers. She’s so talented.

The novelty of foliage to an AZ girl who goes to school in SoCal.

Can I switch schools, please? Freezing 98 percent of the time must be worth a month or so of this kind of magical.

Don’t quote me on that. ;)


23 responses to “Pumpkin for My Pumpkin

  1. Those look so good!I was wondering about the molasses thing too…last year, I made vegan pumpkin pie but I didn't like the overpowering molasses. Can you suggest any pumpkin pie recipes?

  2. Such gorgeous photos and a lovely batch of cookies!

  3. I love this post! Your photography is just beautiful.

  4. Such lovely photos!!Those cookies look so thin and chewy…my favourite kind. :)

  5. The cookies look soooo good!!The fall pictures are awesome!Debra @ Vegan Family Style

  6. Beautiful pictures! Love the heart :)Ooo and those melty, chewy cookies…MMM!

  7. great pictures! I actually think I am going to go make these right now to get rid of the extra pumpkin puree I have in fridge. It has to go by Wednesday!t

  8. PLEASE, someone send Nora a vegan pumpkin pie recipe, because last year's was rather, ehhmmmm, not appreciated by pumpkin pie lovers. And Nora, the spices were fine in the cookies, it just didn't taste like pumpkin.

  9. No More Sad Geraniums

    Central NY is quite lovely right now (and Hamilton isn't too far from where I'm at in Ithaca!).Those cookies look a lot like the ones in VwaV, except I don't recall them being quite so crispy looking. I'll have to try that recipe variation sometime soon.

  10. The Voracious Vegan

    I don't understand how you could possibly make those amazing, delicious, scrumptious cookies and not eat them yourself! That is willpower for sure.I wish I could play in the leaves like that but with my allergies I would be a sneezing, wheezing mess! Gorgeous photos.

  11. Those cookies look so yummy!!! I've tried that recipe before, I loved it. I really enjoyed looking at all your beautiful pics, thanks for sharing:)

  12. Beautiful fall pictures Nora! Those cookies look awesome and melty and chewy. Yumm.

  13. Those are some really wonderful pictures. You are such a talented cookie baker and photographer!

  14. This post makes me so incredibly happy! <3 autumn and pumpkin!

  15. Those cookies look delish and your photos are so cool! I noticed the heart falling leaves before I saw your description. So cool.

  16. Your cookies look lovely! I love pumpkin and chocolate together, it's a great combination. I am sure your sis appreciated the cookies. Your a good big sister!

  17. Elizabeth Jarrard

    those cookies look delicious!!and how did she get the heart????you two are adorable!

  18. Your autumn photos are beautiful…I love the colours of that time of year although we mostly have evergreen trees over here so we don't quite get that whole magical effect.

  19. My sister and I both looked at colgate in our college search, it's such a nice university. The photos are gorgeous and remind me of being at home! Hope your honours is going well!

  20. The pumpkin cookies look amazing, and those are beautiful fall pictures.

  21. All the pumpkin cookies I've seen have looked way too cakey and puffy, but these seem perfect! I'll have to try that recipe.And serious, these pictures are so gorgeous, I don't even know what to say.

  22. You can come rake my yard anytime… I'll pay you in sweet potatoes.

  23. Nora, your photos are exquisite! I especially love the one of the split rail fence (it should grace a calendar!), and the last photo, looking up into the tree branches. But my very favorite is the one of your sister and her heart-shaped toss of leaves! That's such a joyful picture!

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