An Afternoon at Animal Acres

Excuse the excessive alliteration!

This is an insanely belated post, but there was no way I could let it go unshared! Last month, my vegan friend Stephanie took a group of us to Animal Acres Farm Sanctuary, just an hour and a half away, to celebrate her birthday. It was a lovely visit, full of every farm animal imaginable, all of whom were as amiable as can be! (I’m sorry! I can’t stop with the “A” words!)

We were greeted by curious goats of all shapes and sizes.

I know this is how I look when I’m eating. What about you guys?

And then came the ducks. Oh ducks, how I love you. One of my favorite childhood storybooks was Make Way for Ducklings. :)

Stephanie AND the duck cooperated for this photo…

And I thought this was hilarious (though most likely, no one else did…): all of a sudden, all the ducks just walked away in a line. I bet they had some official business to attend to.

Next up, piggies! Some piggies at Animal Acres take naps.

And some take baths.

Seeing the cows may have been my favorite part of the day though. They’re so gentle and loving. Um, you got a little something hanging from your mouth there, buddy. :)

Me and a happy cow.

You didn’t think we could celebrate a birthday without cake though, did you? Even if you did, I knew I couldn’t disappoint my readers by omitting the obligatory food porn. ;)

Animal Acres ordered this cake from a nearby bakery called The Whole Wheatery, I believe. Wasn’t it gorgeous?

Chocolate with super thick coconut frosting.

It was only fair that after enjoying our own food, we feed the animals! Except they prefer popcorn.

Turkeys may like me, but I could not find a chicken that would let me hold it for the life of me! (Okay, so one eventually let me pick it up, but I had to earn it!)

Going to a sanctuary like this is a definite must for vegans! It reminds you of who you’re fighting for. It’s a great place to take your non-vegan friends as well because who knows? Cuddling with a friendly chicken could be what it takes to forge that connection between the chicken on their plate and the chicken in their lap.


12 responses to “An Afternoon at Animal Acres

  1. Nicole (

    I agree so much! I think it'd be so hard for someone to make a connection with the animals and continue to support the meat industry.Gorgeous photos, as always!

  2. Looks like an awesome experience! And that is very cool that they ordered a cake for her, it looks yummy :) When I went to the sanctuary by my parent's house, the cows were being anti-social, which made me sad. Guess I"ll just have to go see them again!

  3. Aw, what a lovely day! I wish I had vegan friends who'd take me to farm sanctuaries. Also, I giggled (yes, giggled) at your ducks in a line comment. Official business indeed.

  4. nora!i just read your comment about vegan peanut butter… can we please take a trip to trader joe's together and you can show me which peanut butter to buy. i wont cut it out! hahaha. and thank you so much for looking at/following my blog. you, after all, inspired me with how beautiful yours is (it sounds like you as well :) )and we'll see how no carb november goes. it is, well, erm. rough. but i'll keep vegan december in mind tentatively :) xoxox

  5. What a beautiful post! I went to a farm sanctuary near Melbourne last summer and it was such a great experience. You're right–it's a great reminder of why we're vegan!

  6. Great post! I love your pictures, the animals are so beautiful. I went to animal sanctuary in upstate NY about a year ago. It was such an amazing experience. You are right, being able to connect with the animals like that helps you remember why you went vegan in the first place.

  7. I love this post! The photos are beautiful and it looks like such a great way to spend a birthday.

  8. The ducks and pigs are cute and all, but I super love the goats. Looks like a great time! The picture of the side of the cow's face is especially fantastic.

  9. foodfitnessfreshair

    OH my these are adorable!!

  10. So cute!! I love the piggies!! They are so awesome. Thanks for sharing!! I love the blog, Jane Austen is my favorite!

  11. This sounds like so much fun!!

  12. marmalademusings

    Ahh, I would LOVE to visit a farm like that :)Btw, I really admire that you're vegan :D

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