More Daiya

Sorry to be repetitive, but my food life hasn’t been very diverse lately. But hell, screw diversity if my life can just become one big Daiya fest.

Italian Daiya quesadilla. Or maybe I should call it tortilla panini because this meal wasn’t Mexican-inspired at all… ;)

Spinach, tomatoes, red onions, spices (rosemary, thyme, oregano, and garlic powder), and of course, Italian Daiya! Not quite as good as the cheddar/black bean one from a few days, ago, but still. Also, as my Daiya supply dwindles, I’ve made my way through most of my Food for Life gluten-free tortillas, and I have to say that their texture is really weird. They start out kind of hard and shiny (I miss soft, doughy, floury tortillas!), but after you microwave them, they literally turn to rock. I like crispy quesadillas, but these don’t get crispy in a good, grill-y kind of way; they get crispy in the stale, overcooked sense. Not super flavorful either. But hey–you could fill a (non-leather) boot with Daiya and I’d probably eat it.

And, a “cheese” quesadilla, straight up. Junior high after school snack style. Using both Cheddar and Italian Daiya is the way to go!

(You can see that I kinda overcookednuked the cheese on the edge–it got a bit tough. Oh well. Look at the middle!)

And, I’ll finish with two pieces of news, both of which the majority of you won’t care about. :)

One, I finished the rough draft of the introduction of my thesis (on veganism) and it’s 26.5 pages long. This is only one of four chapters, which presents a problem as 70ish is the goal, and not 100. But I’m proud of myself for getting something done anyways. Ignore the fact that it took me two months to write it, and that the entire rough draft is due in one month. I said IGNORE it.

Two, back to Daiya! My favorite restaurant–Green–in Tempe is now serving Daiya. I had it straight from the @daiyacheese Twitter feed! I thought I couldn’t love Green anymore than I already did, but I stand corrected. I think I know the first place I’m headed come Thanksgiving break…


13 responses to “More Daiya

  1. You're making me crave something gooey and cheesy like nothing else with these photos… I even got tortillas the other night, so now I can fulfill that! Woot! Off into the kitchen with me.

  2. The Voracious Vegan

    Oooh I want some Daiya SO bad! We only get tofutti cheese here in Saudi, and that is only very rarely, but it is good, makes a great grilled cheese. BUT it is definitely no melty, chewy, stringy looking amazing like what I've seen of Daiya. That quesadilla is GORGEOUS!

  3. Congratulations on your thesis draft! After the first chapter, the rest flow much quicker. And it is always, ALWAYS better to have too much rather than not enough. It's much easier to cut and shorten!That quesadilla looks amazing. I wish we had daiya around here!

  4. I loveeee the Brown Rice Wraps from Food for Life. I think they are amazing. They crack really easily, but heated up for 30 seconds in the microwave, they're perfect! Now if only I had some daiya to fill them with…

  5. Woo, look at all that Daiya love!! I didn't like their Italian flavor, I'l have to try the cheddar though, I tend to like that variety of all vegan cheeses more.

  6. I've tried those tortillas and I agree with you – I don't like the hardness at all!I really, really want to try Daiya! The only way I can get some is to order 5 lb tubs through the internet and I'm a little hesitant as I don't even know if I like it. Congrats on finishing your chapter! The intro is always the hardest part.

  7. What does daiya taste like? Does it try to taste like cheese and succeed (or fail)? Or does it taste like something else altogether? I find most vegan cheese tastes like plastic. I'm impressed by that melty inside shot, though!

  8. Oooh, I cannot WAIT to try Daiya! My dad told me he'd order me some as soon as it got cool enough to ship. Apparently, Daiya has a lower melting point than Teese, according to the Vegan Essentials website. So … now that it's in the 70s here, it won't be long! That at least gives me one reason to look forward to cold weather.On Food for Life tortillas: I LOVE them! The texture is weird, but weird in a way that I like. They're kinda chewy. I like that, but it is very different from a soft flour tortilla (which I also like). I just used "like" a lot in that paragraph.

  9. FoodFitnessFreshair

    Great pictures. I like how your comment button is "collards" :)

  10. Elizabeth Jarrard

    what an epic thesis! i would love to read more about your conclusions on veganism-you'll have to let us know when you finish!and i have to get my hands on some daiya asap!

  11. Congrats on your intro!!! You can always edit things out or use some of the edited work elsewhere. I've been having to write a lot lately so I know how hard it is (I find it easier when I've been channelling my inner self-help guru – it's weird but it works, especially for what I'm doing).Okay okay…I'm gonna have to check out this Daiya. I will check our Whole Foods here for it. Since it's NOT cheese my lactose-intolerant hubbie should be good, right?Have a great weekend! (PS when do we get to see Halloween pics?)

  12. The wrap looks yummy. Never had Daiya…maybe I will now : ) Congrats on finishing your chapter!!

  13. Those look so good! I haven't been able to find Daiya yet.

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