Round Orange Things

This post is kind of pathetic, but I haven’t been eating anything particularly interesting lately, and I figured something is better than nothing.

We’ve had a sugar pumpkin sitting in our suite’s hallway for a month, but instead of tossing it, I decided to try my hand at making my own pumpkin purée. So, I stuck that baby straight in the oven–no oil, no pan, I literally just put it, whole, onto the oven rack–and after an hour or so, I sliced it open (SO much easier than trying to cut it beforehand), scooped out the seeds and stringies, and puréed the flesh in my Magic Bullet. It was definitely lighter colored than canned pumpkin, and somewhat starchier, but otherwise pretty similar. Obviously, it would make better pie, so don’t be lazy for the big day next week: make your own pumpkin!

I also roasted the seeds. Just of spritz of canola oil, and some cinnamon and sea salt.

I had two remaining brown rice cakes, so for a random breakfast, I slathered on some pumpkin (with cinnamon and nutmeg added), sprinkled with seeds, and called it a morning.

I forgot to mention that, a few weeks ago, I won Lindsay’s hummus giveaway at Cooking for a Vegan Lover. She sent me a jar of Wild Garden Black Olive hummus, and two single serving squeezepacks: Traditional and Sun-Dried Tomato.

I think the black olive was my favorite (so good thing I had a full jar!), but they are all quite good. Impressive nutrition stats too! I think 2 Tbs of the black olive was only 35 calories, and most hummus is about 60. Also, these guys had nice, short ingredient lists: mostly just chickpeas, tahini, water, olive oil, and sea salt, plus whatever flavor. That’s always a big plus for me because even brands like Trader Joe’s hummus often have a decent amount of additives. Plus, it’s cool that they’re shelf-stable, like cartons of soy or almond milk, so you can always have them handy!

For a snack today, I just spread the sun-dried tomato one on some Nairns Oatcakes. Simple yet delicious.

I love these oatcakes though! They’re just wholegrain oats, palm fruit oil, sea salt, and baking soda (or, because they’re from the UK, I should say, sodium bicarbonate!) They’re produced in Edinburgh, and even though I may not have loved every minute of my study abroad experience there, I’ll always have a soft spot for British health foods, like oatcakes and flapjacks. :)


15 responses to “Round Orange Things

  1. The pumpkin spread on rice cakes sounds like delicious treat! And I almost bought that black olive hummus last week, and then put the jar back on the shelf in favor of some artichoke salsa. I'll have to buy it next time I get groceries.

  2. Not pathetic at ALL!! Gotta love the orange :)

  3. i clicked on your blog from vegan eats & treats—how funny that you're a vegan blogger at pomona AND you bake for the motley! i used to bake vegan cookies for the motley when i went to pomona a few years back. it's impressive that you manage to eat such tasty things while living at school.

  4. What are you talking about, this is a great post! I always find whatever you cook up to be interesting, especially if it has pumpkin!

  5. You could do worse than all these yummy round orange things!

  6. I love your pumpkin endeavor. A girl can't let a perfect pumpkin go to waste! I love your photography, btw. I just moved from Arizona! I love Tempe. Mill Ave is so great.

  7. Good job! You're so resourceful. I just read your Edinburgh post–it's one of my favorite places on Earth! Lots of good memories there. And oat cakes are tasty! I bet they'd rule with apple butter.

  8. Pumpkin spread looks delicious. You are so creative. :)

  9. I have a butternut squash on my counter I've been too lazy to prepare for anything, so I think I'll borrow you're pumpkin-cooking method :) Everything else looks great!

  10. I've been really intimidated to cook a pumpkin. You just opened up my whole world.

  11. Roasted pumpkin freezes well, too! I always have some in the freezer so if the urge for pumpkin muffins hits I can fulfill my craving easily :)

  12. Melisser; the Urban Housewife

    You roasted it WHOLE?! dang.

  13. Ooh, oatcakes sound yummy. I love that you stuck the whole pumpkin in the oven! I always felt bad when I was younger and our pumpkins sitting on the front porch started rotting.

  14. It all looks so good!Debra @ Vegan Family Style

  15. I always have a can of pumpkin (or what's leftover) hanging around my fridge. I'll have to try spreading it on rice cakes for a snack sometime. Good idea!

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