Ruper De Duper!

So, I know I’ve mentioned my dog Rupert before, and his handsome countenance has already graced my blog a few times, but I want to dedicate a post solely to introduce him to you all, because he is my little gentleman, my Rupabaga, and maybe the only thing I’m more excited about coming home to next week than the Thanksgiving feast itself! (Oh, and my family, I guess…) Oh, and tomorrow is his birthday! Happy birthday, boy! Another year seven years older!

And how fitting that, minutes after finishing this post, I received an email from Molly at It’s a Vegan Dog’s Life notifying me that I’ve won a shiny, new blue collar for–guess who?!
Rupert’s an English Bull Terrier, like the Target dog, or Spuds MacKenzie.

He has a lot of very unique physical qualities, like his bumpy underlip and his perfect spot.

Of course all bull terriers are kind of funny looking given their egg-shaped heads, giant bat ears, and muscly build (we always say Rupert is like a giant sausage), so Rupert’s no exception. Though he may be cuter than every other bull terrier in the world. Just throwing that out there.

Like everyone else in our family, Rupert has an obsessive personality. First of all, we’re all obsessed with Rupert himself. Then my mom’s obsessed with politics and the Red Sox, my dad’s obsessed with the Eagles, Phillies, and fantasy football, my sister’s obsessed with the Phoenix Suns and Harry Potter, I’m obsessed with veganism, cooking, and peanut butter, and Rupert’s obsessed with his black Kong toy.

He used to have a blue one, infamously known in our house as “the blue wheel,” but after two years, Rupert finally killed it. But these are seriously the only dog toys Rup won’t destroy in under 15 minutes.

Rupert is the most annoying dog ever. As a daily ritual, he drops his black Kong into the pool, and barks at it in a piercingly high pitch that belies his manly frame until you fish it out for him. Once it has been fished out, he then proceeds to drop it in the pool again. Ad infinitum.

Another special bond I have with Rupert is our love of peanut butter, and the fact that our family members often put it on both of our noses to keep us busy and quiet (okay, maybe not so much the second part, but I have been known to find peanut butter in weird places on my face…).

If Rupert’s been a good boy, I’ll fix him up a special peanut butter-carob panini. Dog’s LOVE carob, dontcha know. It almost tastes like the forbidden chocolate.

Anddd, he usually expresses his appreciation by looking like this when he eats it:

Don’t let all their shenanigans fool you–Ruperts get tired too!

Sometimes he picks odd napping places though…

He enjoys long walks on the beach, or, if he has to settle, just through the neighborhood.

But since we live in AZ, he overheats pretty easily. We usually need to cool off afterward with some ice cold water. He looks like Shamu!

He can go commando for short walks, but when he goes on real hikes, he has to wear THE BOOTIES.

Rupert, despite your ridiculous behavioral problems, earsplitting yelp, and alpha dog complex, you are loved. :)


31 responses to “Ruper De Duper!

  1. This is such a lovely, sweet post! Rupert is so lucky to have you!

  2. Cousin Tucker says give that boy a bath. And no more pictures of his naughty bits.

  3. And only that, he relishes LEMONS and LIMES. He ate three of them at the party tonight, to the great entertainment of our guests!

  4. Awwwww, love the Rupert post! Our dog Cady is equally lovable and annoying. I always love to see the pets. Here's to Rupert!(Cady carries her red Kong on her one big bottom tooth and slams it against the ground until you fill it with peanut butter)

  5. Yay Rupert! I love seeing and hearing about other people's pets! He is so adorable- and what would life be with out a neurotic dog around? I have two of them!! And yes I brought them both home voluntarily.. so I'm the one to blame no matter what they do :-) My "youngest" is the same way with toys- it started out when he was a little guy straight from the shelter and I went straight away to the store to buy the basics for him.. well "pineapple man" was this toy for almost a year.. a squeaky annoying toy that had been through the dishwasher, the laundry, hidden, and torn apart.. we kept replacing him, until one day when Hydro was down and out and we took him to the pet store- and he picked out "bubble man" which is those balls with feet.. and so it began. Hydro is NEVER seen without a toy… EVER! But you have to love them :-) Thanks for sharing your love for your little guy!

  6. Aw, Rupert! <3 What a delightful, adorable guy. I loved reading about him and am so happy he'll have a new collar to show off! :)

  7. SO DARLING!!! He should meet my Chooey (who I just posted about) :)

  8. The Shenandoah Vegan

    Rupert is such a great name. Beautiful dog.

  9. He's just adorable! His personality really comes through in the post, too (and maybe he's one English Bull Terrier I wouldn't be afraid to meet in person?). Love the PB on the nose! And congrats, Rupert, on that new collar. ;)

  10. Love this post! What a cutie!!

  11. Rupert is adorable! Those pictures put a huge smile on my face.

  12. Nicole (

    I am so in love with Rupert!!

  13. Beautiful Nora! I love the way you inserted the photos throughout the text – like a picture book.

  14. Great stuff, and an inspiration to Hannah to start a Patches blog, I hope! Looks like you picked the right camera. And kudos to your dad for his enigmatic cameo appearance.

  15. Aw, Nora! This is my favorite post ever! Rupert is such a cutie. I love the pic of him fishing his toy out of the pool. My Datsun is equally obsessed with his favorite yellow ball, the only toy he can't destroy.Kong question: Datsun used to LOVE his blue water Kong and it lasted about a year before he finally destroyed it. So I bought him another one, and it lasted a week. Then I bought a red one, and it lasted maybe a month. I've been hesitant to buy a black one because they're the most expensive and I fear he'll destroy it immediately. He's a very serious chewer. But it sounds like Rupert is too…do you think a black Kong can truly stand up to crazy chewers? If so, I might break down and Datsun one for Xmas.

  16. I am pretty sure my heart just melted. completely. Yay Rupert!

  17. Go, Rupie! The baddest dog of the West (I bet he would eat Chickie up like a bag of Fritos!)

  18. Love your dog pictures… so cute! My sister's dog carries all his toys around everywhere. It is so cute and it seems like he always knows where he leaves them.

  19. I am Rupert's Grandma (I own Rupert's sire, Chad). Today is Chad's 9th Birthday and he is a healthy, happy boy. Rupert's good looks come from Daddy and his annoying behavior from his dam (just kidding!). Glad to see Rupert is well cared for and loved. This is the major reason I put Chad out for stud so others could have their own goofy, lovable Bull Terrier too.

  20. Rupert is adorable! Thanks for sharing him with us.

  21. cookingforaveganlover

    what a cutie

  22. River - The Crafty Kook

    Aww, your little Rupabaga is too cute! Happy Birthday, Rupert! He's really enjoying that peanut butter-carob panini there, isn't he? :-DI'm loving the little booties – very chic! :-p

  23. Yep, it's official, I've just fallen in love with your dog!

  24. Rupert has very soulful eyes. I think he's deep.

  25. Aw, I love this post. Rupert's a handsome devil! You're lucky to have him and he's lucky to have you. :)

  26. I'm Nora's mom and Rupert's master! Nora had no idea that Rupert's 3rd. birthday was the same day as her post! We lost "Rupie" when he was only 9 months old. It was a devastating experience. The plaintive picture I used on the 1000 posters I placed across Greater Phoenix tore at people's heartstrings and we got him back after 3 weeks. He was sold to a nice family by a dealer of pure-breds and was living 20 miles away under the name of "Elvis." The efforts of the bullterrier community, Nora and her sister's friends, and many many friends brought him back to us. Bianca: Kong toys come with a guarantee. Rupert destroyed his first black KONG, and Petco gave me a new one (without the receipt). He has destroyed lesser toys in the parking lot of Petco. He should be a canine toy tester!

  27. Awwww, he's so cute! :-)

  28. your pictures are so beautiful! and your dog definitely helps them even more! he's adorable! :)

  29. My little pit bull mix, Gabby, has the same perfect spot on her head. :) So cute!

  30. Nora, I haven't visited your blog for far too long! (So much going on in my life that I've negleted blogdom…) I will remedy this! Rupert looks and sounds SUCH a sweet chap! And he has a great name! (I had a very nice Uncle Rupert!) Our two love Kongs, too, but I think I'll mix carob with their peanut butter fillings now. I hadn't thought of carob for them!Your mum's story of Rupie being lost made my blood run cold. Thank goodness you got the fellow back!

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