Three Completely Random Eats

So, I know I went a little crazy in the kitchen for Thanksgiving, but my foodie exploits didn’t stop there. You see, I miss cooking and baking so much when I’m at school, that when I finally have a well-stocked kitchen and the entirety of my cookbook library at my disposal every break, I literally can’t stop! It’s my favorite de-stresser, and that’s what breaks are for, no?

As I was sitting in front of my laptop at the kitchen table the Saturday after Thanksgiving, struggling to find a new way to procrastinate on my thesis, a solitary squash on the counter caught my eye. My mom had accidentally purchased an extra butternut squash for T-day, and I had a feeling that if I didn’t take charge, that plump little guy would just languish there until my parents got sick of looking at it and threw it away. Sorry, mom–I know you can roast a squash, but I could just tell that, post-holiday chaos, it wasn’t going to happen.

500 Vegan Recipes to the rescue! I’d just ordered Celine and Joni’s newest book a few weeks before, and had brought it home with me, itching to try it. The butternut’s fate was decided: Curried Butternut Squash Hummus.

Oh my curried God! This hummus was amazing. But what else would you expect when you blend an entire roasted butternut squash with chickpeas, a tablespoon of curry powder, and other yummy things? The sweet & savory combo at its finest! Great texture too–I’m a thick, chunky hummus fan (except for when I’m not, and I want smooth, creamy hummus, but whatever).

I also made another tester recipe for Celine & Joni’s new book, Vegan Substitutions. The ridiculously simple, but according to my mom for whom I made it, equally delicious, Cinnamon French Toast.

Can’t give away the recipe since it’s a tester, but I think it speaks for itself.

Finally, I made the Peanut Apple Pretzel Drops from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar for our dear friends, the Hillebrands. I think these are so adorable.

According to someoneee in my family, they’d be better with chocolate, but I disagree. Chocolate and apples? I donno. I mean, I’m sure it’d still be good, but I like them the way they are. Yes, chocolate is possibly the best thing ever in any dessert, but does that mean it should be in every dessert? I don’t think so. Sometimes, we need to let other ingredients shine. :) I’m not a sweetist!


12 responses to “Three Completely Random Eats

  1. That picture of the syrup splashing on the french toast is just perfectly captured, beautiful! It all looks delicious, too. And I agree with you that chocolate isn't as good in every type of dessert… I'm not a big fan of chocolate in combination with spicy treats such as speculaas, for example. I don't think I'd be too fond of a chocolate-apple combination either, but who knows! Some people might love it.

  2. Those are some really beautiful pictures! I am glad that I have both books and am a tester. I've been eyeing those cookies from the cookie book, hope I can make them soon.

  3. I have to agree with the family member, chocolate would be amazing in those cookies! Chocolate + Peanuts + Pretzels is my favorite combination! YUM!

  4. Nicole (

    Anything with splashing syrup is a-ok with me!! Gorgeous photos, as usual.

  5. I can't wait to get that cookbook – everything looks so scrumptious!

  6. I'm drooling over your French Toast picture. That is beautiful! I have my eye on that cookie recipe. Peanut, apple, and pretzel is such an awesome cookie combination! I need to make those ASAP.

  7. Two of my fav's hummus and pancakes. Both recipe look devine!! YUM!

  8. Cooking is one of my favorite ways to de-stress. And that butternut squash hummus sounds amazing! I've got one sitting on my counter that may meet the same fate.

  9. The Shenandoah Vegan

    The other commenters are not blowing smoke up your you-know-where. Those pictures are awe inspiring.

  10. Everything looks and sounds great, but i'm with you — peanut and apple is a perfect combination WITHOUT the addition of chocolate!

  11. The Ordinary Vegetarian

    Ooh speaking of butternut squash hummus… CURRIED, what????? oh man, I can't handle this.

  12. Their vegan cshseeeteak is the best lunch sammich anywhere downtown. IT TASTES FREAKING AMAZING. Really, truly, top notch. Eat.

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