Lean, Mean, and Nineteen

So my baby sister turned 19 a few days ago! We went shopping during the day, and to her favorite restaurant, Pita Jungle, for dinner.

We don’t do birthday desserts at restaurants though.

Instead we come home to homemade cake–in this case, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting from The Joy of Vegan Baking.

This cake is quickly becoming our go-to birthday cake recipe. It’s perfectly moist and sweet (and the icing ROCKS), but, making it with whole wheat pastry flour as we always do, not totally unhealthy.

In decorating, I decided to go for the “Alice in Wonderland” look, because, if you know me at all, you know that the only thing I like more than peanut butter is Alice. :)

I also made a raw carrot cake for me to have since I’m trying to go easy on sugar and gluten right now (of course, everyone else had a little of it too, but they were mostly too full of the baked carrot cake to really have a slice). I’ll post about it soon (maybe with the recipe!) when I review the cookbook that it’s from.

I bought Olivia an intense Phoenix Suns plush blanket for her birthday. This girl is obsessed with the Suns (I’m talking watches-all-the-press-conferences and often-cries-when-players-get-traded obsessed), and is always complaining about the cold at Colgate, where she goes to school in central New York, so this blanket seemed like the perfect gift to both appease her and shut her up. ;)

To Olivia: a year older, but as weird as ever.


7 responses to “Lean, Mean, and Nineteen

  1. That carrot cake looks delish!! Happy Birthday to your sister :)

  2. Elizabeth Jarrard

    awh adorable!!how excited are you for Burton's Alice??? Even if avatar was excellent, it would have been worth going just to see the 3D trailer for alice!!

  3. Happy Birthday Olivia! Both the cooked and raw carrot cakes look delicious. I wish I'd have been there for a slice of that raw cake…

  4. Your cake looks beautiful! Lucky Olivia! Happy birthday, Olivia!

  5. The Voracious Vegan

    WOW. That carrot cake would be my go to birthday dessert, too. It looks AMAZING! All that icing spilling down over the sides, what a picture.

  6. Hi! Just found your blog following links. LOVE your pics!

  7. Aww, happy birthday to your sister! What a lucky gal to have someone like you to make her a cake. :)

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