Truth: I kind of hate living in this part of California–in the endless sea of suburbia stretching out from the center of Los Angeles. Granted, the weather generally rocks, but I won’t be crushed in three months when it’s time to leave Claremont and start my life somewhere else. Nonetheless, as long as I am here, I sure as hell am going to hit up as many vegan restaurants in the city as I can.

This quest continued two weekends ago when my friends Stephanie and Tori and I almost effortlessly (Hey–have YOU tried driving on LA freeways?!) made our way into Little Ethiopia.

We were headed to Rahel Vegan Ethiopian Cuisine at the glowing recommendation of Quarry Girl. And we were happy we did!

Ethiopian. Good. Vegan Ethiopian. Very good. All-You Can-Eat Vegan Ethiopian for under seven dollars. Um, hello?!

For any of you who don’t know, Ethiopian food is by far the most fun cuisine to eat! It consists of various stews, a.k.a. wots, that you scoop up with pieces of injera, a spongy sourdough pancake-like bread made of fermented teff flour. No utensils are necessary. Isn’t that how we all really want to eat anyways?

My favorite wots are always the lentil ones. Rahel’s lentils weren’t as amazing as those at my local Tempe Ethiopian joint, Café Lalibela, but they did the trick. As you can see in the above photo, there were both red and yellow lentils, as well as cabbage and string beans dishes. Also, below: a carrot/potato stew, collards, and–my unexpected favorite–eggplant!

That green sauce was wayyy too spicy! But it sure was pretty.

Since the injera under our food got a bit soggy, we used additional rolls of it to scoop up the food as we ate, leaving a colorful collage at the end of our meal. I think it looks like a snowflake. An insanely delicious, savory snowflake.

I say no trip to LA is complete without a stop at Rahel. The service, atmosphere, prices, and food were all out of this world. Or at least this country. ;)


16 responses to “All-You-Can-Eathiopian

  1. Jessica@Dairy Freey Betty

    this looks amazing! I would love to try it… I meant to this last weekend, but I couldn't convince the people that I was with!! hehe

  2. I can't wait to move to LA in August! This looks so good.

  3. Woah, $7? All you can eat? Vegan? Ethiopian? That sounds like heaven, srsly.

  4. Yum! I can't believe I was over 40 before I tried Ethiopian food! I've totally missed out but trying to make up for lost time!

  5. I highly suggest you try Nyala for Ethiopian food next time you crave it in LA! It's across the street from Rahel and, while it's not a 100% vegan restaurant, the vegetarian food is all vegan and way better than that of Rahel.

  6. Elizabeth Jarrard

    Ethiopian is one of my favorite cuisines! i just love injera! and i can't believe it was vegan, all you can eat, and under 7 dollars! what world are you living in??

  7. i love, love, love rahel. one of the things i miss about southern california.

  8. Hi, I live near where you are going to school and as someone trying to adapt to a vegan lifestyle, I'm at a loss as to where I can find good vegan food around here when I don't want to make it myself. Any favorites?? Thank you, love your blog!

  9. Hi "Anonymous!" hahaI'm assuming you mean just in the Claremont/Upland area, but there are tons of great places in LA obviously. The closest vegan restaurant I know of is Loving Hut in Upland. It's delicious asian food w/ the best fake meats., zpizza in Upland has Daiya vegan cheese and lots of fun veggie toppings (and vegan roasted garlic sauce). I believe there's also a vegan Thai place nearby called Bright Star in Rancho Cucamonga, but I've never been there. Of course, I think the best thing you could do is start cooking vegan yourself! I could recommend some great cookbooks.

  10. That sounds like a dream came true.

  11. I love, love, LOVE Ethiopian food! Your dishes look fantastic (even that spicy one) ;) Now you've got me craving injera!

  12. Thankfully, we have a great Ethiopian joint here in Memphis. And on Saturdays, they have all-you-can-eat buffet. I love, love, love injera! In fact, I've been stocking up from the restaurant and have a stash in my freezer since I've yet to attempt my hand at making my own.

  13. Some days I wake up and a voice in my head tells me; "I Must have misir wat, I must have misir wat." Do I have a problem?

  14. Yum! I'll be in LA in May, thanks for the recommendation! I've never had Ethiopian… I feel so lame.

  15. Melisser; the Urban Housewife

    Mmm, Ethiopian! Is it hard for you to get to LA? Come have dinner with me at Shojin this Saturday night!!!

  16. Holy crap! You live in Claremont!? I'm like 4 miles away! What a tiny world… I haven't tried Rahel's yet, but its been on my list for a while. Looks yummy!

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