Hummus English Muffin

Breakfast routines can get boring if you let them. So don’t!

Sure Earth Balance, peanut butter, and jam are all great on bread, but don’t restrict yourself to sweet. If bagels can have savory toppings, why not English muffins?

An Ezekiel English muffin topped with creamy hummus, spinach, tomatoes, and red onions really hits the spot in the morning! I’m sure hummus is great on toast and bagels too, but I have yet to have that pleasure!

I made my first mosaic. The centering of the plate isn’t quite consistent, but I like it anyways.

Happy Monday!


22 responses to “Hummus English Muffin

  1. That's really pretty! I wouldn't have the patience to take a snapshot after every bite, LOL!And might I add I'm thrilled to find a Jane Austen loving vegan. Did you see Emma on PBS recently?

  2. Nicole (

    I love it! It's super pretty. How did you end up doing it?

  3. nourishing mornings

    love Ezekiel English muffins! they are by far the best English muffins ever! love the photos, so gorgeous! + looks delicious!xxEliza

  4. Allison, The Busy (Happy!) Vegan

    The pics are great!I often make english muffin sandwiches, with tomato, pickles, spinach, avocado, and lots of hummus, so I agree with you that it's delicious! Of course, hummus on just about everything is usually a dynamite move :)

  5. Aww, I love that little mosaic! and the English muffin looks delicious as well. I don't think I've ever even tried an English muffin (but I've been planning to make them myself).

  6. Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty

    very cool mosaic.. fab idea!! :) I love english muffins, they aren't as dense as bagels which is nice!

  7. That's really cool (the mosaic that is). Awesome work :)Yep, hummus (with tomato, avocado and baby spinach) is truly awesome on anything including bagels, english muffins, toast, crackers and even crumpets. It's my regular lunch or breakfast.

  8. The Shenandoah Vegan

    Wish I'd bought some Hummus before the storm. Looks fantastic.

  9. Before I gave up the gluten, my regular order at our local bagel place was a sesame bagel with hummus, red onion, and tomato slices. MmmmMmmmm! Nothing better. I've never seen a slow-mo eating mosaic! Will you tell us how you did it? Tutorial, perhaps? :)

  10. Love the mosaic. I don't have the patience to take a shot after every bite! I need to try those Ezekial English muffins!

  11. I love savory English muffins! And yeah – hummus on bagels is super delicious. Mmm.Love the mosaic. :)

  12. simplicity is so beautiful. i miss reading your blog on a more regular basis.

  13. I've gotten fairly accustomed to savory breakfasts now that I'm following the anti-candida diet, and I really do enjoy them; there's something very satisfying about a filling and well-balanced brekkie like this one (and I love the mosaic). It may never replace pancakes in my heart, but I do appreciate savory breakfasts!

  14. This is beautiful and totally my kind of breakfast. When I have really good tomatoes I like to use some slices in the same way with some good olive oil, fresh basil, and coarse salt on top.

  15. i love the photo montage!! savory for breakfast is soooo goooooood! thanks for the reminder :)

  16. I love the mosaic, very cool! I love hummus on bagels, never have tried an English Muffin though :)

  17. Melisser; the Urban Housewife

    Yum! I've been doing hummus on corn tortilla with chunky salsa a lot.

  18. The Voracious Vegan

    I love hummus breakfast, lunch, and dinner so this would be a perfect way to start the day for me. I love those bright beautiful colors, and it would put an end to any smoothie or oatmeal rut, wouldn't it?

  19. ohh yum! i’m going to have to make this for myself now.

  20. nothing is more delicious then hummus and peanut butter on toast. YUM!

  21. thanx for showing , everyone thought i was weird for eating hummus on english muffin , so being bored i googled it on a whim and found your page thanx!

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