The Ultimate Brownies

Um, for all of you who own The 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes, Kris is not throwing around the word “best.” In other words, when she calls her recipe for super fudgy brownies “The Ultimate Brownies,” she means it. They are actually what you would want to eat on your ultimate–i.e. last–day on earth.

Yesterday was rainy and dull here in Claremont. I bet a lot of you are scoffing at my complaining about Southern California weather, but I think I can speak for all my fellow Sagehens (yeah, that’s our Pomona mascot…) when I say, we didn’t sign up for this! Anyways, due to said horrible weather, everyone in my suite–including yours truly–was a little grumpy. I decided to bake the most decadent brownies I could find to rectify the situation, and that’s where Kris’ recipe came in!

I used Kris’ peanut butter stripe mixture from her blog as well, and you can see that, I have the same Baker’s Edge brownie pan–so every brownie has at least two edges! I made half without peanut butter though because you never know if some of your friends are brownie purists. Personally, I think the PB only enhances these brownies. :)

I don’t know what kind of magic occurs when you mix the seemingly standard ingredients in this recipe together, but whatever it is, it makes the best brownies you’ve ever tasted. That’s what my best friend Ilana said, and brownies are her favorite food. This girl knows what she’s talking about. Plus, they were this good even when made with whole-wheat flour!

With that perfect flaky top, those lightly caramelized edges, and a texture that’s so chewy and fudgy you can’t even handle it, these brownies are too legit to quit.

If you want to win someone’s affections this Valentine’s Day, I think I’ve just shown you how to do it. And another hint: if I’d had any non-dairy vanilla ice cream, I might now be able to tell you that a brownie sundae would have been the only way to improve upon this perfection. Looks like I’m telling you anyways though–what can I say, I have intuition!


11 responses to “The Ultimate Brownies

  1. If I travel all the way across the country can I have one? I just got a new brownie pan that makes them pre-cut when they come out of the oven. Now that you have me craving brownies I may have to go use it.

  2. The Shenandoah Vegan

    So you mean there's no recipe online? I have to get the book?

  3. Oh wow! I will have to see if a gf version can be concocted–those look yummy yummy and have such a glowing review from you and your friends. Yay brownies!

  4. Well now those look just perfect. Seriously, seriously good.

  5. Well, I feel so lucky to have that book! The addition of PB stripes is a great idea. Am I weird that I don't like the edge pieces??

  6. Thank you so much for sharing, this is the first I've heard of this book and your photos have absolutely sold me on it. Thanks!!

  7. You loved the brownies so much, you posted the blog twice?

  8. Those look seriously incredible. I'm thinking they'd do well with buckwheat flour. I don't have this cookbook, but it sounds like it might be worth it! I love rainy day baking.

  9. I definitely need a brownie edge pan, I always love the corners the most!!!

  10. The Shenandoah Vegan

    Thanks for offering to email the recipe, buy I think I found it on her blog. The 'Fudgie Wudgies', right?

  11. Yummy!

    I was thinking of making some new PB/choc creation for Valentine’s Day, but maybe I’ll make these again. I’m glad you like them so much! And isn’t the Baker’s Edge the best?!

    A la mode and with Celine’s PB Chocolate Syrup- now that is decandence!

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