Granola Love

Welcome to my new self-hosted WordPress blog and happy late Valentine’s Day!

I made a couple batches of granola recently, one from The Candle Café Cookbook and one from 500 Vegan Recipes. Both were totally different kinds of granola, but delicious in their own right. :)

The Candle Café Granola was really interesting in that it used steel cut oats as well as regular rolled ones, which I’ve never done before. Plus, it called for coconut oil and maple syrup–the best fat and the best sweetener! This granola came out super crunchy, with no clumps whatsoever–almost like a cross between granola and muesli.

Unfortunately, I had barely any of the ingredients that it called for, so I subbed sesame seeds and pine nuts for the sunflower seeds and walnuts, dried orange cranberries and candied ginger instead of currants, and extra almonds for the coconut. Now that I think about it, I think my version is better. Much more exotic–it had a really exciting flavor that you couldn’t quite put your finger on!

Then I made a recipe I’ve been dying to try since Celine first posted it at Have Cake, Will Travel: PB&J Granola!

This was a much healthier, more subtly sweet granola made with rolled oats and brown rice flour (or at least I think I used brown rice flour–we forget to label our plastic bags of bulk bin flour sometimes…), with chunks of jam swirled in just before baking. I used strawberry of course! What is UP with those people who only eat grape PB&Js?!

Maybe I underbaked it, but this granola was super soft and chewy. It made GREAT clumps, so if clumpy granola is your thing, then please go buy this book (there are also four or five more phenomenal granola recipes in the book!).

Perfect with bananas and vanilla hemp milk!


23 responses to “Granola Love

  1. Yum! I love clumpy granola! And pb&j just makes it sound perfect. :)

  2. wow your granola sounds so fabulous and amazingly delicious, LoVe the sound of all your add ins! and steel cut oats in granola, ahh i have so much steel cut oats that i dont use too often and i was wondering if it was possible to make granola with it…so i can not wait to see this recipe! :) and i agree strawberry jam pbj’s are the best, and pbj granola whaoo sounds ridiculous yum!…also fig jam pbj’s are amaze. ;)

    love your blog by the way, your photos are so gorgeous!

  3. I love the heart you drew in the first pic! congrats on the new site, Nora, it looks kickass. oh and the pb & j granola is meant to be a little chewy, but it usually also has a bit of a crunch to it, so yeah: maybe go for a longer oven time if you make it again?

  4. I bookmarked Celine’s recipe when it came up too but haven’t gotten round to making it yet, I will definitely have to after seeing the results again- delish. Clumpy, chewy, sweet and sticky…
    The site looks great.

  5. I’m a clumpy girl (which sounds kinda gross, but you know what I mean!). That PB&J granola sounds like heaven. And I STILL don’t have Celine’s book because I’m a horrible person. For the longest time, I blamed Christmas and having too many new review cookbooks to work through…but now I think it may be because I suck. Nonetheless, I fully intend to stop sucking and buy that book as soon as I can afford to.

  6. yum!!! I <3 granola! and i love the new blog-congrats on self-hosting! happy belated vday!

  7. That granola looks amazing! I love the new blog too. :)

  8. Looking forward to watching how your new site grows and evolves!

  9. I love granola. I have not had it in a long time…thinking about changing that. : )

  10. In honor of your new blog I’m leaving my very first comment! It looks beautiful! Also the photos of you are adorable.

  11. Congrats on the new site! I love Celine’s granola and your post just reminded me that I should make another batch.

  12. Oooh. I like my granola chunky and that looks amazing!!!

  13. Your new site is stylin’! Your photos look even better against a white background.

    How do you like that Candle Cafe cookbook? I was there this weekend and loved my meal so much I thought about buying it, but I wanted to read some reviews first. I had some gluten-free nut granola in a raw dessert, and it was incredible!

  14. Mmmm, I haven’t made granola in so long, but I have made Celine’s pb granola and I love it!

    The new site looks fabulous!

  15. I love your little granola heart! The pb and j one sounds wonderful; I love big, hearty chunks in granola!

  16. clumpy granola is the goods! and I’m a strawberry PBJ girl myself, too. :)

  17. yes, who are these grape jelly pb&j-ers?? i’ve never understood that combo. i don’t think i even know of anyone who grew up with the grape jelly…

    anyways, the granola looks so yum!

  18. balancejoyanddelicias

    girl! Your pictures are stunning!!!!! :)

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