Hello Rup!

Just because I’m too lazy and homework-overloaded to do a real post today. :)


16 responses to “Hello Rup!

  1. omg this is SO awesome! Rup is a cutie, ahh i want a doggy!! :]


  2. Captures Rupert’s OCD personality

  3. Awwww. This took so long to load and I was like, “what is Nora up to?” Now I see. Worth the wait!

  4. Good doggie…
    btw, Nora have you heard about lomography? http://www.lomography.com/about – Looks like something up your alley :o)

  5. Ha, he’s moving! I’m relieved I’m not hallucinating.

  6. This is awesome, your new blog! I’ve looked at your other one before and I liked it. Your pup is amazing. :)

  7. Such a cutie! By the way, I passed the sunshine award to you! :)


  8. Hey! I have been following your blog for 5 days now and i should say i am beginning to like your posts.I guess im subscribing now for not missing anything new.

  9. OMG that is the best thing I have seen this week!

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