Deglutenized Peanut Butter Blondies

In Isa and Terry’s newest book, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar (which you all own, of course, being the good little vegans that you are), we’re told in the introduction, “So here’s a news flash: any of the cookies in this book can be made gluten-free. Yeah, we said it.”

I’m a contracted student baker for the Motley, Scripps College’s student-run coffeehouse, and given the demand from a few of my gluten-intolerant friends on campus, I decided to put the above statement to the test. Of course, I chose to try it out on the Peanut Butter Blondies because they’re, well, peanut butter blondies.

Guess what? Isa and Terry weren’t lying! All I did was sub in Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose Gluten-Free Baking Mix, adding in a couple extra tablespoons of flour like the book suggests you do if you’re going the gluten-free route, and I had myself a pan of beautiful, sticky sweet, fudgy peanut butter heaven. I’ve never made these with wheat flour, but I like them enough in their GF form that I don’t really feel the need to test the difference.

Of course, I added chocolate chips into the batter and nixed the peanuts on top because that just seemed like a good decision. I suppose you could do both, but I like the simplicity of a topping-less blondie.

Whether you’re going to make these as written, or gluten-free, I don’t care; just know both options are open, and more importantly, make them right now. :)


21 responses to “Deglutenized Peanut Butter Blondies

  1. Yummy! PB Blondies sounds like a wonderful idea right now!

  2. Yummy! I made those a few weeks ago and they were great. Good choice on leaving off the peanuts – everybody loved the blondies, including me, but we were all agreed that the peanuts needed to be picked off. I’ll have to make them again with chocolate chips – I can’t believe that I didn’t think of it!

  3. I’ve made the plain blondies, but not the pb ones…that sounds/looks so delicious!

  4. I don’t know why I haven’t made that recipe yet, but your post makes me want to make them ASAP. I have no doubt that they are amazing (gluten-free or regular)!

  5. As a lover of all things deglutenized, I have to say that these in particular are pretty fantastic.

  6. Are you sure you couldn’t taste the beany chickpea flour? BRM is way beany–good for savory baking, not so much for desserts. Maybe the peanut butter is strong enough to overcome it… They look yummy. And you’re a professional baker now, how cool!

    • Yeah, I can’t taste it at all–only when it’s the raw batter I can, but baked, nope! Plus, they’re SUPER PB-y and sweet, so that might cover anything!

      I know BRM isn’t the best choice, but it’s the easiest when I’m in a dorm, and not in my own kitchen. What’s your fav for baking?

  7. Omg these look fantastic! Are you going to post a recipie because I would loooove to try these:) your blog is adorable xoxo

  8. Put them up for sale on the site!

  9. I can’t handle peanuts but these blondies look good :)

  10. Well, I had thought I could put off ordering this book a while longer but now, now I need that book ASAP! These look AMAZING and how awesome everything can be gluten free. Love it!

  11. Those. Look. Amazing.

    This makes me want to try more gluten-free baking! What encouraging results!

  12. Having just made my first [wildly successful, if I do say so myself] foray into GF baking this weekend, I’m super excited to hear that it’s so easy to deglutenize recipes from the book! Thanks for the confirmation on that, and… can I have blondie?

  13. Oh yum your GF blondies look so great :)

  14. Welcome to WordPress!
    Your fellow students are so lucky to have you baking for them! Those blondies look great and I have that book….

  15. They look perfect!

  16. peanut butter is best served with chocolate.
    and chocolate, my dear, is best served with peanut butter.

  17. I was just making these and thinking of my gluten-free mother-in-law. I was wondering if anyone had tried this with success, so thanks for the post — I’m emailing it to her. Lovely blog!

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