Love Hut, Baby, Love Hut!

So Stephanie and I had a friend date Saturday night at Loving Hut, although it kinda sounds like a better place for an actual date, doesn’t it?

Formerly known as Veggie Era, the restaurant only recently joined the worldwide LH franchise–or should I say the far-reaching empire of the Supreme Master? (You’ll either know what I’m talking about, or you won’t!) Steph and I were afraid the menu would have changed for the worst, but I didn’t notice too many differences. My favorite entrée is still on it–you’ll see!

We started the meal with two appetizers, the first of which were the Tempeh Squares:

I very rarely eat battered ‘n fried foods, but this was the only tempeh on the menu. :) The sweet soy sauce was the perfect accompaniment.

The Veggie Pancake contained tomatoes, cabbage, and onions, but honestly just tasted like potatoes. Still, it was good in that satisfyingly carby kind of way. Probably not an “order again” though.

Steph had the Eggplant Tofu with Basil. I had a bite, and it was good, but I’m not generally a huge fan of eggplant in Asian cuisine. Steph’s an eggplant fiend though. It was full of vibrant colors, that’s for sure!

And behold, one of my favorite faux meat dishes of all time:

Sweet & Spicy Lady: Soy protein chunks and zucchini sautéed with garlic & sweet chili sauce.

I think I’ve posted about this dish before. The texture and flavor of that soy chicken is in-freaking-credible! Crispy and chewy and juicy. Let’s just say, I have trouble ordering anything else whenever I go to Veggie Era…I mean, Loving Hut! Ah! I’ll have to force myself to branch out next time and order something else.

Check Loving Hut’s website to see if there’s a location near you! I think the odds are in your favor. Each one has a different menu, which I find exciting. I can’t wait to try the one in Phoenix next time I’m home.


17 responses to “Love Hut, Baby, Love Hut!

  1. yeah! sweet and spicy lady! that and the general tso’s chicken are enough to make me want to go to a pomona reunion. i miss veggie panda wok/veggie era/loving hut SO MUCH!!!

  2. yes i did, and i baked vegan cookies for the motley for three years! it’s so cool that you’re doing that now. do you still make ilanna’s banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies? i graduated in 2006 and left in 2007 and haven’t been back yet. but when i do, i am bringing so many takeout containers of general’s tso’s back to santa cruz.

    • I’m actually baking for the Motley independently (I’m not “one of” the vegan cookie baking group, but they’re still at it, and I believe they’re still making the banana choc chip ones!)

      I make choc chip banana bread (the lower fat one from Vcon), gluten-free PB blondies, and now brownies.

      Where do you live now? Besides Veggie Era, there isn’t much vegan loving here, so you’re not missing much! I’ll have to try the General Tso’s soon!

      • well that’s awesome, the more vegan baked goods the better! your gluten-free peanut butter blondies look totally irresistible. i live in santa cruz now as a grad student at UCSC.

        i just love that you’re blogging from pomona! plus, of course, your photography is fantastic and your food always looks so incredibly good!

  3. That Sweet & Spicy Lady looks so good! I must work out how to make that. I love sweet and spicy food! (And there’s no chance of me getting over there to the restaurant!)

  4. If I lived near a restaurant like that I would eat there every day!

  5. Those look great! I don’t eat fried foods either, but for some reason I imagine that fried tempeh tastes good. (Maybe I’ll have to try it some time to find out) The sweet & spicy dish sounds REALLY good.

  6. That restaurant sounds awesome. I do the same thing at one of the places I go, ordering the same menu item each time because I love it so much instead of trying something new. Perhaps it’s time to branch out?

  7. Ooh, I had Loving Hut on my list of places to eat at in San Francisco last month. I didn’t have time to actually go there though. Makes me sad cause those tempeh bites look delicious. I love all things battered and fried…

  8. I can guarantee you there is no Loving Hut near me… :( That Sweet & Spicy Lady looks positively plate-licking.

  9. Wow that resturant looks great, especially the egg plant tofu with basil. :) I wish I could go!

  10. This is crazy, I didn’t even know they had Loving Hut in the USA, I just came back two months ago from studying Abroad in Xiamen,China, where I ate there at least 4 times a week, due to the limited vegetarian choices. I’m so glad to hear that they have them here, and I can relive my experience:) Love your blog

  11. I *still* haven’t been to a Loving Hut!

  12. Hello,

    I very much enjoy your blog! When I noticed that you were from Arizona, I just had to ask for some suggestions about great vegan restaurants. I am trying to find all of them in the Phoenix or Tempe area; do you have any suggestions? I have been to Green, and now I will have to check out Loving Hut!

    • Hi Molly! Well Green is my favorite, but it’s really the only all vegan restaurant in Tempe or Phoenix that I know of. My 2nd fav restaurant is Pita Jungle, though. My whole fam loves it. They have stuff for everyone from vegans to omnivores, but the menu is definitely more vegetarian than anything else. The lentil fettoush salad is so good, it hurts (the pita chips aren’t vegan though, so get it without!) Pita Jungle has a lot of locations in the valley. Dr. Andrew Weil’s restaurant True Food Kitchen in Phoenix also has plenty of great vegan stuff. Um, in Tempe, Thai Basil (obv, Thai food) and Café Lalibela (Ethiopian) are both wonderful, and right near my house! :)

  13. balancejoyanddelicias

    wooo!!! they look really good! I’m checking if we have one nearby ;)

  14. I just reread this post and realised that although we don’t have a Loving Hut, we do actually have a Supreme Master vegan restaurant near us, Golden Age. It looks like it has quite similar food too really…and it’s good! Interesting.

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