Wine and Cheese

How did this vegan spend her Friday night? I think the title says it all.

Earlier that day, Steph and I headed to the store with our Barnivore list of vegan wines, hoping to strike it big. We returned victorious with a bottle of organic (and vegan of course!) Bonterra Muscat–a super sweet dessert wine. The perfect accompaniment to the three wheels of Dr-Cow raw nut cheeses we’d ordered a few days before.

We opted for the Aged Cashew, the Aged Cashew & Crystal Algae, and the Aged Cashew & Brazil Nut cheeses. They cost us a pretty penny (especially with the cold shipping), and we were pretty surprised at how small they were. Yes, they’re extremely rich, and three wheels of cheese was maybe a little decadent for only three of us (Steph, Dawn, and I), but still–for how much money it cost us to obtain these, they were laughably tiny. Probably an inch and a half in diameter?

Anyways, complaining aside, these raw cheeses were something. They have a super complex, earthy, dare I say, moldy, flavor, and went superbly with our sweet wine, TJ’s multigrain crackers, and apple slices.

The cashew and–surprise!–the algae cheeses were definitely our favorites. The brazil nut cheese just tasted too much like…brazil nuts. What did we expect? The algae was a bit tangier than the plain cashew, but both were a nice balance of sharp and mellow. Plus, check out the color of that algae cheese! Hubba hubba.

It was a very enjoyable and sophisticated–for college students at least!–night of booze and eats, although next time we all agreed that we’d hit up Mooifood’s raw vegan nut cheeses in lieu of Dr-Cow’s. Dr-Cow’s was fun to try, but Mooifood is local (LA) and their cheese comes in more flavors (herbs herbs herbs!) and colors. Hopefully theirs will also be cheaper and–crosses fingers–come in a serving size larger than a pillbox. :)


25 responses to “Wine and Cheese

  1. I’m sorry, but those look awful.

  2. I was just telling someone how much I love having appearances on your blog, and then I came home to this lovely post!

  3. Bleh, I hate Brazil nuts!! I think I still have some in the back of the fridge from my last raw day. I made some Brazil nut cheese and I felt sick for the rest of the day.

    I love cashews though!! Who doesn’t? I haven’t tried these yet, and based on what everyone says about the size, sadly I don’t know that I ever will. I’m glad to hear they were tasty!

  4. What an awesome evening you had! I really wish I could try those raw nut cheeses, they look amazing and like they have the best texture!

  5. Those cheeses look wonderful! I bet you had a great evening.

  6. cookingforaveganlover

    I want to try Dr. Cows again, I did awhile back and didn’t love it but would like to give it another chance

  7. Sounds like a fun way to spend a Friday night to me, even if it was a little pricey. That cheese made with algae sounds interesting. It looks kinda funky though…like cheese gone bad, lol.

  8. How fun and fancy! You guys are too cute.

  9. So fun!! When I move out of my apartment and into somewhere that I can have people over, I am so having a wine and cheese party.

  10. wowie, vegan wine & cheese night sounds great. i really wish vegans would get on making some really good cheese that was more widely available. glad you liked these ones, even though they were expensive. i have wanted to try making my own nut cheese, but it is a serious time commitment.

  11. yummy display! i’ve always been tempted to order dr. cow’s, see what the hype is all about. but now seeing mooifood’s variety, i think their cheese looks amazing! wow. you’re so lucky to enjoy it locally!

  12. Fancy!! I was disappointed with size of Dr. Cow cheeses too. I ordered the cashew-hemp awhile back. At first, I thought it had gone bad in the shipping, due to the “moldy” taste. But then it grew on me. It was much better with crackers than eaten alone. This post makes me wanna organize a vegan wine and cheese night too!

    BTW, many of the recipes in Becoming Raw don’t require a dehydrator. I just picked one that did because I’m trying to get as much use as possible out of my new dehydrator. :-)

  13. those cheeses look great! too bad they were so small

  14. What a great way to spend your evening! I could go for some wine and cheese, but not sure I’d pick Dr. Cow’s–I never did like moldy cheeses even when I ate dairy cheese! Something like a soft cashew cheese sounds much more appealing. . . though they do LOOK good. :)

  15. veganhomemade

    Mmm, Dr. Cow and crackers and wine! Sounds great. I’ve only had a few little bites of Dr. Cow, but I kinda think that’s all you need. Makes it kinda worth the price?

  16. Mmm, I love them, especially the algae!

  17. I love Brazil Nuts and Cashews…and these cheeses look fabulous ;) When I’m feeling especially decadent, I think I will have to buy some. Oh my!

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  19. Wait, so, does it taste at all like an aged dairy cheese (albeit a “moldy” flavored one)?

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