My First Buns out of the Oven!

No, I didn’t have twins! Rather, I made my first from-scratch cinnamon rolls!

And I must say, though they weren’t the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had–an idea enforced by my constructively critical cinnabun-queen of a mother–for a first attempt, they were not bad at all! In fact, they came out much better than I expected.

I know, I know. You’re thinking, why is Nora, who is such a good baker, speaking as if cinnamon rolls would be such a challenge (or at least I HOPE you’re all thinking that!) ;)

Well, it was more of the fact that I wasn’t sure how fresh our yeast was and that I used white whole wheat flour instead of the all-purpose flour for which The Joy of Vegan Baking calls, resulting in a pretty tough dough that seemed loathe to rise. I was slaving away over the stand mixer at three in the morning because I couldn’t sleep and I thought it’d be fun to surprise my mom in the morning, since she’d cheekily–and presumptuously–asked me, before going to bed, “what’s for breakfast tomorrow?! My semi-insomniac dad wandered in at about five am and asked me what the hell I was doing with a rolling pin at that hour, and I proceeded to tell him in a discouraged tone that I was trying to make cinnamon rolls, but they were sure to fail. I even asked him if I could just throw the dough away. I’m always emotional about my kitchen failures, but I was so tired at this point that I was seriously on the verge of tears!

After sulkily retreating to bed, I awoke the next morning to a tray of significantly risen doughy rolls. I almost cried again, this time for joy! I popped them in the oven, and felt silly for worrying so much.

These rolls have raisins in the filling, so I thought I’d make an apple cider glaze to go with them instead of a more traditional vanilla one. I followed the recipe in JOVB, but subbed unpasteurized apple juice for the soy milk, and also added some cinnamon, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, and a splash of maple syrup!

They were delicious! A bit dense, but for whole wheat rolls, not too bad! I’d use whole wheat pastry flour next time, although there’s so many good vegan cinnamon roll recipes out there, I’m pretty sure I’ll be trying a few others before I ever come back to this one.

I do know that my next venture into the cinnamon bun world will be in the form of peanut butter or pumpkin ones. Who can say when though? ;)


16 responses to “My First Buns out of the Oven!

  1. Delightful blog! :) :) :)

    I’m an English Literature major who ended up going to seminary and am now a pastor in Minnesota.

    Keep up the great on your blog; what a joy to read. Great pictures, too!

  2. Stop. Go no further. It will be easy to veganize Ann Sather’s Swedish cinnamon rolls, and they are the best!

  3. I don’t care if you said they aren’t the best you’ve tasted because they look AMAZING. Honestly, you have this vegan almost drooling over her computer. Cinnamon is my love and ever since going vegan I haven’t enjoyed in the treat of cinnamon rolls. I will surely be getting on that very soon!

    Have a lovely day!

  4. those look delicious! I too am intimidated by vegan cinnamon buns. Although Happy Herbivore has a recipe that looks delicious, maybe it’s the time-consuming, but unbelievably good lingering tastes of my mother’s non-vegan-don’t-tell-me-how-many-calorie-buns that is holding me back.

  5. Oooohmygoodness those look SO GOOD! I wanna come to your house! :) I like cinnamon rolls a lot but I think they’re a little too light and fluffy… I’d rather have something more dense. This looks awesome!

  6. Yum, I’ve been eyeing this recipe in TJOVB, but I haven’t made it yet. I’m glad they turned out for you after all. I’d be a grumpy baker at 3am for sure! Oh wait, I used to work in a bakery and start at 3am… yep, I was grumpy! :P

  7. apple cider-glazed raisin-stuffed cinnamon rolls sound so lovely! i’ve been wanting to try peanut butter cinnamon rolls too à la bjorkedoff, but am always too scared by their apocalyptic fat content. i did make persimmon cinnamon rolls once and those were a big hit.

  8. I’m fairly certain, based on this post, that we are kitchen soulmates. I also get emotional about kitchen failures, and when Andy tries to tell me that whatever I’ve cooked is good I get stroppy and tell him to stop patronising me! Poor bugger. I made these JOVB cinnamon buns recently, but with peanut butter apple filling and it was amazing. I wholeheartedly support your decision to PB-ise some cinnabuns.

  9. I liked the part of the story where you went to bed and when you woke up the dough had risen. Very nice.

  10. Mmmmm! I wish you had been at my house this morning for brunch with a giant batch of those beauties! I’ve made cinnamon rolls once and they were good but I couldn’t get them to rise properly. I’ve never had luck with yeast! Yours look BEAUTIFUL!

  11. Nice job! I can empathize with how you felt when you thought your dough didn’t work. I get emotional about my kitchen failures too. I have never made my own cinnamon rolls before. Yeast doughs intimidate me a little. The pumpkin-cinnamon roll recipe that is popular on the PPK sounds amazing, maybe I’ll get brave enough to try it sometime.

  12. Way to persevere in the face of imminent dough-failure! :)

    …peanut butter cinnamon buns?! That is Genius.

  13. They look beautiful! And I love slightly dense rolls. Of course they came out perfect, since you ARE such a great baker! ;)

  14. Looks absolutely delicious! :)

  15. Whoa, peanut butter cinnamon rolls sound awesome. I’m not usually brave enough to replace white flour 100% with whole wheat, but I bet whole wheat pastry flour would make for a nice (and wholesome) roll.

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