Nic and Nora Do Santa Monica

And by Nic, I mean Nicole from Another One Bites the Crust, everyone’s favorite New Haven vegan blogger! I picked up Nicole bright and early Thursday morning outside the West Hollywood Buffalo Exchange, and we headed straight to Santa Monica for a lovely lunch at Real Food Daily. This was our first time meeting each other in person, but we’ve been blogging/Twitter/Facebook/Gmail/Flickr (yes, basically every social media platform possible) friends for so long, that it was more like picking up an old friend–nothing could be more natural!

Sitting at a lovely inner-balcony table overlooking RFD’s juice bar, Nicole and I enjoyed some damn good salads.

The East coaster got her SoCal on and ordered the Mexicali Salad, while I, being the peanut butter fiend that I am, ordered the Yin Yang Salad: Cabbages, romaine, carrots, cucumbers, edamame, cilantro, sesame seeds, peanuts, and peanut dressing (I also added blackened tempeh!)

From there, we headed to the Santa Monica Beach and Pier. Besides her general awesomeness, the best part of having Nicole here was that I wasn’t the only one walking around with my DSLR glued to my face (in and out of restaurants)!

Taken of each other crossing the bridge to the beach.

If there’s one place that’s exemplary for taking random portraits of interesting strangers, it’s the pier. Kids, cyclists, beach bums, fishermen, artists, straight up creepy men…


Forgot to mention the ever-present dogs on music stands in that list…

This guy was such a ham! I usually try to sneak my people-watching portraits, but he couldn’t get enough!

After a grueling afternoon of window shopping, portraiture, foodie chatter, and walking with the sand between our toes (ha!), these two vegan bloggers needed some coffee. And not just any coffee–good coffee. Intelligentsia coffee. Silverlake is kind of on the way back to Claremont? Maybe?

Oh, what a soy cappuccino it was. The microfoam! The latte art! The humanity! Just kidding. Funnily enough, it was cheaper than Nicole’s $4.00 cup of specialty joe.

Silverlake also happens to be a hot spot for vegan restaurants. After debating between nearby Flore and Cru, we went with Cru. I guess we were more in the food for fancy schmancy than comfort food.

(Nicole’s photo)

We ordered the Bruschetta Rustica (Sunflower bread with traditional chopped tomato and basil spread and cashew cheese) to share, but it turns out Nicole really can’t do cashew cheese, so I may or may not have gotten a whole raw appetizer to myself! Sorry, Nicole, but I loved it! Not quite as good as Better Life’s raw bruschetta though…

For entrées, we both ordered the Body Ecology Bowl:

Sautéed kabocha squash and spinach over quinoa with homemade sauerkraut and salad. The kabocha was phenomenal (but what kabocha isn’t?), but it didn’t really seem to go well with the strange mélange of pickled vegetables. Next time, I’d order one of Cru’s classy raw entrées. Also, I think their desserts might use honey, so beware, vegans!

So much for day ones. Days two and three to come!


14 responses to “Nic and Nora Do Santa Monica

  1. Your photos are so incredibly beautiful as usual! And that latte looks like a dream come true. Yum! :)

  2. I miss you already!

  3. These pictures are so bright, you really captured some great moments – and it sounds like you two eat fantastically! Lucky!

  4. Love the pictures! :) I hope someday I get to do a blogger meet up- looks like so much fun!

  5. ahh I love days like this! It’s awesome you two got to meet one another!

  6. Awww, fun! I think it took me this post to really register how phenomenal your photography is! I love the pier pics! It looks like you had a great time with Nicole. My other favorite part of this post is the Intelligentsia shout-out! I love their new cappuccino cups: They are so sleek and beautiful and functional. I had a couple amazing ones in the Chi-town Intelli recently – the microfoam was crazy good!!

  7. I love the picture of the guy on the ferris wheel thing! And the dude who posed for you is pretty foine if I do say so myself. Your peanutty salad looks delicious! It’s what I would have ordered, too!

  8. How fun! I hope to have a blogger meetup someday when I get out of this place and to some place where other bloggers live :) Your pictures are awesome, and make me miss the beach!

  9. Those pictures on the pier look like so much fun. This makes me miss California, ack! I’m jealous of you!

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  11. Love your photos from your adventures with Nicole. I am so jealous you get such yummy eats around LA… I missed out on that when there last since I was working the whole time. The people pictures/stories are hilarious!

  12. Your pictures are gorgeous :)

  13. Aww, looks like you two had fun!

  14. You guys are too cute! And your boardwalk pictures are awesome.

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