Father’s Day Brunch

Greetings, readers! I’m black from planet Vega! Okay, you caught me–that’s not really why I’ve been absent for a month and a half. Since my last post, I’ve graduated from college, moved back to Arizona, traveled to Portland & Seattle, and got myself a job! Any downtime I’ve had has been strictly devoted to the NBA Playoffs and the World Cup. Plus, I’m lazy.

Whew! It feels good to get all that off my chest. Moving on, it was dad’s choice from Vegan Brunch for Father’s Day yesterday, and he chose the Tofu Benny.

I’ve never had Eggs Benedict–but by my parents’ account, the vegan version was infinitely superior. Pan-fried tofu medallions and juicy smoked-salt tomatoes sit atop a bed of peppery Home Fries (you can also use an English Muffin), all drenched in a tangy Hollandaise Sauce and sprinkled with fresh parsley. I just love how Isa was able to turn such a classically unhealthful brunch entrée into a little tower of nutrition. That’s why vegans rock, in a nutshell.

The Tofu Benny is the perfect dish to make when you need to impress. With all its separate components–potatoes, tofu, sauce–it’s a lot of work, but the presentation makes it totally and completely worth it, as I hope you can tell! On occasions like Father’s Day when scrambled tofu just won’t do, you gotta pull out all the stops and that’s where recipes like this one from Vegan Brunch really shine.

What did you all make for Father’s Day? I’m up for a little healthy (no pun intended) competition! ;)


24 responses to “Father’s Day Brunch

  1. This looks amazing! I am glad to hear your dad raved about it since my own is such an egg lover. I will have to try making this soon. I made some vegan waffles that were not as fancy at this lady!

  2. That looks gorgeous! I must make that ASAP. I’m glad to see that you are blogging again. We have missed you.

  3. vegandeliciousness

    What beautiful photos! It looks delicious – what a lucky Dad you have. :)

  4. way to go girl!! sounds like the past couple of months have been really fun! where are you working??

  5. Is your new job as professional food stylist or vegan chef?

  6. Holy tofu, Batman! That looks AMAZING. Also, please post more. :)

    I didn’t make anything special for Father’s Day cuz I live 1200 miles away from my daddy. :( But I’ll see him this weekend so it’s all good!

  7. Oh my god, this looks so good I want to cry.

  8. I’ve also never tried a benedict before but your photos make it seem like a sin! You are one dedicated daughter, fantastic job!! :)

  9. That looks beautiful. Is that a flower-shaped bit of tofu on top? love it! Father’s day in Australia isn’t until September, and none of the fathers in my life are close enough to cook for, but I will have to keep this brekky in mind next time we have people around.

  10. I’m so glad you are back! You have been missed. But it sounds like it was all for a good reason, what a busy time you’ve had. Congratulations on everything!

    And…could you please send me a bite of that tofu benny? It looks INCREDIBLE!

  11. Most beautiful picture ever!

  12. wow! you have been busy. Welcome back! It’s great to see your blog back in action. I love that Tofu Benny recipe, and yours is really picture-perfect. How cool that your dad picked that out of the line up! :) I made my dad a whole Spanish feast – sangria, gazpacho, spanish “meatballs” in veggie sauce, and spanish pizzas. Plus key lime pie. :)

    welcome back!

  13. I am giving you a Sunshine Award on my blog :)

  14. That looks SO good. I really need to get Vegan Brunch! Or you could just make me that. :D Okay, I’ll get the book.
    Anyway, I actually didn’t get to see my dad on Father’s Day this year, and my husband just wanted to order marinated tofu burritos. I guess this is what happens when your wife cooks every other day of the year. :P

  15. Nice blog! Wow this looks soooo good! I have missed eggs benedict since I have become vegan. Ok, I think I need to buy that book. Do check out my blog too!

  16. This looks absolutely delicious! I could see how this would impress guests.

  17. I am so jealous. Where’s mine? lol

    Seriously, this looks so tasty and would be very impressive…especially if I served it to my omnivore family! Your pictures are really making me hungry now…snack time!

  18. Ooh, the Tofu Benny looks tasty!

  19. that. looks. so. good.
    my mouth is watering!!
    for fathers day i made my daddy some banana bread… it’s the only vegan thing i make that he’ll eat!

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