Here Comes the Sun

A few days ago, I was honored to be given a Sunshine Award by Kiersten from Vegan Awakening (formerly Full of Beans). I can’t explain how fortunate I feel to have found all of you–and the vegan community as a whole–online.

Your posts, friendship, and really, your mere existence, truly do brighten my days. I may think awards like this one are cheesy (from now on, I’m going to say “noochy” instead), but that doesn’t changed the fact that I was nonetheless touched to receive mine; that’s why I want to keep distributing the sunshine! I’ll leave you with an inspirational Austen quote:

“Business, you know, may bring you money, but friendship hardly ever does.”

Oops, that’s not the one I meant. Let’s try this again…

“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves…”

So without further ado, here are those bloggers whom I have no notion of “loving by halves:”

Celine from Have Cake, Will Travel
Nicole from Rambunctiously Soft-Spoken
Alex from Cute and Delicious
Kathy from Healthy Happy Life
Jacqueline from Sweet Beet and Green Bean
Naomi Rose from The Gluttonous Vegan
Bianca from Vegan Crunk
Ricki from Diet, Dessert, and Dogs
Susan from FatFree Vegan Kitchen
Dreena from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan
Hannah from BitterSweet
Mary from Mitten Machen
Kiersten from Vegan Awakening

For those of you that I named, the rules for accepting this award are:
1. Copy and paste these rules on your blog so your award winners could follow.
2. Put the logo flower on your blog or within your post.
3. Pass the award onto twelve bloggers of your choice.
4. Link the nominees within your post.
5. Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting about it on their blog.
6. On your blog post share the love and blog link of the person from whom you received this award.


10 responses to “Here Comes the Sun

  1. awww! Thanks so much lovely! xx

  2. I stopped by to thank you for the award but got sucked in by your wonderful blog. Your photos are incredible, and I love the Austen theme! Thanks for the award and congratulations on having such a lovely blog.

  3. THANK YOU!!! I miss you! Gorgeous cupcakes, by the way.

  4. Thanks Nora!!! You’re one of my faves too!! Your photography is so freakin’ gorgeous, and we’re both cool kids cause we have bangs. :-)

  5. Thank you so much for this award! I am honored to be included in such wonderful company (and you are part of that, of course!) :D And I love it–“noochy” awards! I happen to be a soft touch for such things, too, so this means a lot. Thanks!

  6. awww thank you! you’re so sweet. :)

  7. Aw thanks!! that makes my day sunny! ~kathy, hhl

  8. Aw, thank you so much, I’m honored! :)

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