Bok Choy and Chickpeas with Cashews

Okay, we all know I have an insatiable vegan cookbook addiction. Well, you probably don’t know, but if you looked back through my posts, you’d find that everything I make is from a different cookbook. I just outgrew my second full shelf.

Accordingly, there are some cookbooks that I write off in my head–as in, “Oh, I have so many, and that one doesn’t seem especially…special.” For some godforsaken reason, Clean Food was one of those books. I think its dull title threw me off. I mean, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar? How exciting! Viva Vegan? ¡Olé! Peanut Butter Planet? Um, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER! But Clean Food? Oh, okay…yum?

Consider this post my apology to Terry Walters because this book rocks. I was lucky enough to have wise friends who knew what’s what better than I did–thank you, Newmans! I’ve already made the Maple Nut Granola, Banana Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Pineapple Tempeh Kebabs, and have yet to be disappointed. But as good as all of those recipes were, none of them compared to my Sunday breakfast of Bok Choy and Chickpeas with Cashews.

Obviously not your typical breakfast, but as Terry says, greens are energizing in the morning! I love this dish, not only because it’s to live for, but because it epitomizes what Clean Food is all about. I can almost count the ingredients in this recipe on one hand, and half of them are already in its title! Bok choy, chickpeas, cashews, ginger, liquid aminos, mirin, and olive oil. That’s what I call clean. Clean, simple, quick, wholesome, and full of wonderful textures and flavors.

I love me some pancakes and french toast, but sometimes you just need some fresh, whole-food fare first thing in the morning; and for those times, Clean Food is your best friend. As usual, the moral of the story is, “don’t just a book by its cover…or title!”

And here’s a riddle: what’s more vibrant than a leafy green-packed breakfast? My best friend, Joanna! She’s 22 today, and a little over two years ago, she inspired me to go vegan with her. I love you, Jo!

Finally, I was honored to be interviewed by the lovely Janna of Just Flourishing as part of her “vegan week.” Check out what I have to say about veganism and vegan health here!


12 responses to “Bok Choy and Chickpeas with Cashews

  1. Ooooh! I just made the Mediterranean Pasta with Greens from that cookbook for the second time….it’s absolutley divine and SO easy to make. I highly recommend it. (The leftovers are totally over-the-top delicious, as well.)

  2. First of all, I love Clean Food! It’s such an awesome book and I’m a huge fan of “clean” eating. Secondly, greens for breakfast are amazing! Don’t you feel great after starting your day with dark leafy greens?

    Last, but not least, happy birthday, Joanna! Thank you for inspiring your wonderful friend’s veganism!

  3. Well it seems you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover!

  4. I really need to just go out and buy Clean Food. Everytime someone posts about it I am wiping drool off my keyboard.

  5. I totally admit my vegan cookbook addiction as well. Actually, I just bought Clean Food a few weeks ago and ADORE it. Even though I haven’t made a lot of the recipes yet, I love the philosophy of the book and how amazing the recipes simply sound. I hope you will blog about more of the recipes soon!

    Have a lovely day!

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  7. I don’t know if I could eat chickpeas and greens for breakfast, but I’d sure make that for lunch or dinner. I haven’t checked out Clean Food. Honestly, it didn’t seem too exciting to me either.

  8. Having a friend to start the vegan lifestyle with is soooo smart! Usually the social settings part is the hardest.

    The clean breakfast sounds amazing! Eating veggies at breakfast gets top marks for healthiness. =) The textures do sound great together! (And it looks really pretty the way you made it!)

  9. That looks delicious! It’s certainly not something I would ever think of eating for breakfast typically but trying new things and getting out of ruts is always a good thing. :)

    I always see bok choy in the store but other than stir fries I’m never sure what to do with it.

  10. That looks delicious to me! I just love clean food, not only how it tastes, but how it makes me feel. I feel all happy and jumpy and full of energy. :)

  11. Love you too, norsha-bear!

  12. I borrowed this book from a co-worker, and I loved it instantly! I thought the simple, clean (couldn’t think of a better word) cover was really appealing. And I love how everything is arranged by season. I’m kinda sad I had to give it back.

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