Testing in the Raw

It’s not as intense as it sounds, I swear – actually, it’s pretty warm and fuzzy.

I’m lucky enough to be testing recipes for my favorite cookbook author (and friend), Dreena Burton! (You’ve seen me rave about her soups here…) Well, it turns out, she makes pretty darn good raw desserts too.

I’ve tested two of these delectable delicacies thus far. Chocolate Avocado Mousse, because you’re worth it. Oh wait, is that slogan taken?

I’ve had variations on chocolate avocado pudding before, but I’ve never made it myself; my Vitamix inspires me to reach new heights, what can I say?

I’m not at liberty to disclose the ingredients of this dreamy whipped mousse, but let’s just say it’s simple and healthy! Plus, the mousse is thick enough that it could even work as a frosting, methinks.

If veggies in pudding frighten you – they shouldn’t, but I’m not judging! – fear not. Dreena’s upcoming book will still satisfy your raw taste buds. Only Dreena Burton could create raw, non-dairy cream cheese frosting. Genius.

Raw Banana Nut Squares with Coconut “Cream Cheese” Frosting. These “buttery” bars – on a base reminiscent of graham crackers – are loaded with healthy fats and homestyle taste. With flavors much more complex and familiar than your run-of-the-mill raw dessert, these babies were a hit at the party my mom brought them to. Even skeptical omnis couldn’t resist.

More Dreena testers to come!


7 responses to “Testing in the Raw

  1. These look great. I have not tasted them but based purely on looks, they are a keeper! :)

  2. When does this cook book come out and what will it be called? I want to make those banana nut squares like yesterday!

  3. This is such torture that I cannot make these immediately!!! I hope I dream of eating them tonight, yummmmmmmm

  4. Whoa whoa, how did I miss this post?! My goodness, this all looks SO amazing, especially that coconut cream cheese frosting…

  5. You know that’s kind of cruel to post such enticing and delicious looking photos with no recipes!! Don’t worry, I forgive you, but that’s because I’m hoping some day you’ll have a change of heart and post the recipes. They look too yummy!

  6. Yummy! It all looks so good! I’m so excited Dreena is writing a raw cookbook.

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