Leftover Almond Butter Shake

I presume you are all familiar with “oats in a jar” (if not, see the bottom of this post). The idea is to use your steaming hot oats as a convenient means of melting and absorbing the hard-to-get nut butter at the bottom of the jar.

Well, what about when you make homemade nut butter – in this case, roasted almond butter? Perhaps the only thing more frustrating than nut butter stuck at the bottom of a jar is nut butter stuck at the bottom of a blender, cached on the bottom of the blades. And if you didn’t want to waste the dregs of your store-bought nut butter, you sure as hell don’t want to waste your homemade dregs!

Spare your rubber spatula a blade-induced beating and let your trusty blender do the hard work! You just sit back, relax, and work on that cushion you’ve been embroidering. Or if you don’t live in an Austen novel, you can just stop at relax.

“Bottom of the Barrel” Nut Butter Shake

Frozen banana
Non-dairy milk/water
A few ice cubes
Nut butter-coated blender or food processor bowl

Just throw your ingredients in and blend away. This isn’t so much a recipe as it is a template for a fun way to save your precious nut butter, so throw in whatever (and as much) you want. Berries, pumpkin, coconut, chocolate, whatever! The important part is that you’re being resourceful.

Note: drinking your leftover nut butter shake from a glass dharma straw makes it taste better. Just like eating oats out of a jar makes them taste better. Trust me.


9 responses to “Leftover Almond Butter Shake

  1. I love adding almond butter to smoothies. It makes them so rich and creamy. I need to get some of those glass dharma straws, they are such a great idea.

  2. Almond milk is the perfect addition of liquid for this recipe! … and what the hay! Throw in some oats for another variation! Inspiring!!

  3. Have never made my own AB, but do love it in a smoothie. Think I’ll stick with my beloved Barney Butter in the bottom of the jar!!

  4. No nut butter should ever go to waste again! I love it! We’re taking a break from bananas right now (sigh) because we’ve had so much trouble with fruit flies. Now that we’re banana-free, it’s gotten immediately better. So I’m using avocados in my smoothies for now. I bet this recipe would be good with avocados! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a marvelous idea! I’d certainly cry if any of my freshly made nut butter went to waste. This is the best way I’ve seen to remedy that situation .

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