The Maple

Is an outrageously decadent – almost to the point of incivility – brunch sandwich enough to atone for my absence of the past month? I can only hope so. (This is NOT an April Fools’ joke.)

When Marly of Namely Marly asked me to join a panel of 10 vegan bloggers whose mission, should they choose to accept it, would be to veganize Endless Simmer’s America’s Top 10 New Sandwiches, I immediately responded not only “yes,” but that I desperately wanted to do “The Maple,” a brunch-time beast consisting of two slices of maple-currant bread pudding loaded with savory sausage, chipotle cheddar cheese, and tangy shavings of fresh fennel. Not only does this sandwich hit the sweet/savory note that we all know and love, but it’s from Portland – irrefutably known to be the best city in the country. And, as a gluten-free vegan, I could not resist veganizing a meal from a restaurant called Meat Cheese Bread. There’s something irresistible about such blatant irony.

Although I’m quite a competent (dare I say talented?) chef, I’m not exactly known for my recipe-creating abilities, so I tried not to push my luck. I made Maple “Bread Pudding” with millet bread, using Isa’s recipe for “Fronch Toast” in Vegan with a Vengeance, as well as her recipe for “Tempeh and White Bean Sausage Patties” from the same book. I substituted some Maple Caramelized Onions for the fresh fennel because, as far as I’m concerned, fennel is a villainous vegetable – a regular Mr. Wickham of the plant kingdom, if you will.

I did, however, venture into the world of cheese sauce, devising my own recipe for Chipotle “Cheddar” Sauce, which I will provide here for your pleasure! It makes plenty of extra to be used on nachos, in burritos or quesadillas, or as a topping for veggies!

Without further adue, here is my recipe for Chipotle “Cheddar” Sauce, one element of my sandwich. For the full recipe and assembly instructions for The Vegan Maple, head over to Marly’s blog – you’ll find the nine other sandwiches in the series listed immediately following my recipe.

So close your eyes, pretend you’re huddled up for brunch in a cozy lodge somewhere in New England’s maple country, and enjoy! And don’t forget to schedule an hour or two for digestion after eating this sandwich! ;)

Breaking news: America’s Best Sandwiches – Veganized! is now featured on the Huffington Post! Please go comment/like it/share it/tweet it to spread the word and score some points for vegankind. Can’t hyperlink (thanks, WordPress), so:


21 responses to “The Maple

  1. I. want. that. now. It looks amazing!! <3

  2. Yummy!! :-)

    Blessings, Debra
    Raw Vegan Diet

  3. As a vegan Portlander who doesn’t even attempt to eat at the popular Meat Cheese Bread, I drool. Come make me one of these!

  4. Aw…another Portland comment. I need to get me there. Thanks for the list of ten sandwiches. I’m in a sandwich mood and so now I have some new ones to try. This one will be first.

  5. I’m making this today.

  6. I will be trying this right away… I’m always looking for a new reason to enjoy brunch and mimosas. :)

  7. I would very incivily shove one of these in my mouth in a heartbeat. Great job. I love all the recreations!

  8. OMG! I’m not a vegan, but I’d happily take either version!

  9. This looks fabulous! The white bean and tempeh sausage patties? Wow. I will have to give those a try!

  10. This sounds like fun:) I especially liked the fennel idea, its a great veg:) The photos are beautiful by the way:)

  11. I love this recipe…we are making fresh tempeh in Brooklyn and there’s nothing like fresh, local, organic, non gmo tempeh. I used to make a white bean with herb de provence tempeh but my favorite is soy/oat/barley but i think i will try the white bean again. If you’re ever in the neighborhood look us up and try some wonderful fresh tempeh.

  12. Wow one look this thing immediately made me hungry!

  13. That is one tasty looking breakfast sandwich!

  14. Wow! Now that is one tasty looking sandwich.

    “Many aspects of my method are based on my feeling and experience. For instance, I always give my bird a generous butter massage before I put it in the oven. Why? Because I think the chicken likes it—and, more important, *I* like to give it.”
    – Julia Child

  15. oh my god this is beaut!!

  16. I would love to see the info on this and the other sandwiches, but every time I go to Namely Marly (through any links from any site, Internet Explorer shuts down.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem??

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  18. holy yumminess! that looks awesome!

  19. Hi Nora, I’m a first-year at Pomona who’s been vegetarian for a year. I’ve read you organized the Vegan Vegetarian Association while you were here. Is the club still functional? If so, who should I contact? Thanks!

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