Happy Easter!

From your favorite Austen-admiring half-Jew!

I’m on a 28-day raw food detox program with my newly vegan mother (!!!), so for now I’m eating lots of rabbit food – in addition to fish food (i.e. algae), which isn’t quite as tasty – like these gorgeous rainbow carrots from my local Tempe Farmers Market.

Don’t you think it’s more appropriate to celebrate easter by eating like a bunny rather than dyeing/eating eggs from an industry that grinds male chicks alive? Yeah, I think so too.

My finger-lickin’ raw nacho kale chip recipe to come soon!


3 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. Ooh I just finished a raw food detox but I loved it – maybe I’ll jump right back in with you. Hope to see some good stuff soon.

  2. I’m also an Austen admiring half-Jew. Ha! I haven’t been to the Tempe market in ages… but look forward to my next trip now that I’ve spied those rainbow carrots.

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