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April Pupdate

I haven’t taken many food shots lately, but with the new love in my life – my Canon 5D Mark III – I can’t wait any longer to post some photos. My last post on my dog Rupert was pretty popular, so I thought some of you animal lovers might be interested in a little pupdate on the most charming member of the Kuby family.

Rupert’s as goofy as ever, and though not quite as badly behaved as he was in his younger days, we still find his snout in the wine bucket from time to time…

I’d love to regale you all with stories of Rupert’s triumphs and adventures since the last time you saw him, but honestly, all he really does is lie around the house in various odd locations for shamelessly long amounts of time.

…But does he ever look cute doing it!


Hello Rup!

Just because I’m too lazy and homework-overloaded to do a real post today. :)

Ruper De Duper!

So, I know I’ve mentioned my dog Rupert before, and his handsome countenance has already graced my blog a few times, but I want to dedicate a post solely to introduce him to you all, because he is my little gentleman, my Rupabaga, and maybe the only thing I’m more excited about coming home to next week than the Thanksgiving feast itself! (Oh, and my family, I guess…) Oh, and tomorrow is his birthday! Happy birthday, boy! Another year seven years older!

And how fitting that, minutes after finishing this post, I received an email from Molly at It’s a Vegan Dog’s Life notifying me that I’ve won a shiny, new blue collar for–guess who?!
Rupert’s an English Bull Terrier, like the Target dog, or Spuds MacKenzie.

He has a lot of very unique physical qualities, like his bumpy underlip and his perfect spot.

Of course all bull terriers are kind of funny looking given their egg-shaped heads, giant bat ears, and muscly build (we always say Rupert is like a giant sausage), so Rupert’s no exception. Though he may be cuter than every other bull terrier in the world. Just throwing that out there.

Like everyone else in our family, Rupert has an obsessive personality. First of all, we’re all obsessed with Rupert himself. Then my mom’s obsessed with politics and the Red Sox, my dad’s obsessed with the Eagles, Phillies, and fantasy football, my sister’s obsessed with the Phoenix Suns and Harry Potter, I’m obsessed with veganism, cooking, and peanut butter, and Rupert’s obsessed with his black Kong toy.

He used to have a blue one, infamously known in our house as “the blue wheel,” but after two years, Rupert finally killed it. But these are seriously the only dog toys Rup won’t destroy in under 15 minutes.

Rupert is the most annoying dog ever. As a daily ritual, he drops his black Kong into the pool, and barks at it in a piercingly high pitch that belies his manly frame until you fish it out for him. Once it has been fished out, he then proceeds to drop it in the pool again. Ad infinitum.

Another special bond I have with Rupert is our love of peanut butter, and the fact that our family members often put it on both of our noses to keep us busy and quiet (okay, maybe not so much the second part, but I have been known to find peanut butter in weird places on my face…).

If Rupert’s been a good boy, I’ll fix him up a special peanut butter-carob panini. Dog’s LOVE carob, dontcha know. It almost tastes like the forbidden chocolate.

Anddd, he usually expresses his appreciation by looking like this when he eats it:

Don’t let all their shenanigans fool you–Ruperts get tired too!

Sometimes he picks odd napping places though…

He enjoys long walks on the beach, or, if he has to settle, just through the neighborhood.

But since we live in AZ, he overheats pretty easily. We usually need to cool off afterward with some ice cold water. He looks like Shamu!

He can go commando for short walks, but when he goes on real hikes, he has to wear THE BOOTIES.

Rupert, despite your ridiculous behavioral problems, earsplitting yelp, and alpha dog complex, you are loved. :)